Tips to choose an expensive-looking bag

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The right accessory can make a big difference in the way you look. Sometimes even something as simple as a bag can make a difference. Not everybody can afford an expensive handbag. Nevertheless, you can still make even an inexpensive bag look like a branded one. Over time, even the best and most costly bags can fade away. The price of the bag is not what matters; it is how you look after it and maintain it is what’s important. This article will provide you with a few tips on buying bags to make it look like expensive sling bags.

Choose colors that make a difference

While it may be a good idea to have differently colored bags; however, sticking to the classics does the trick. Instead of going with colors like nude, cream, or white, stick to colors like black and tan. 

The design equally matters

When we talk about understated glamour bags, you have to keep in mind the design. Even if it is a street-side bag, pay close attention to the design of the bag. The design plays a significant role in how the bag appears to be. When you have a keen eye to details, you will look into minor details of the design.

The finishing touch cannot be overlooked

When you look at any bag, the finishing touch is the first thing that strikes. A bag with a lousy finishing touch may have many loose ends like stickers coming out or poorly patched logos and motifs. Make sure that the bag does not have discolored and dirty corners.

The stitches are used to enhance the style

Let’s face it; the last thing you need is to have stitches all over the place. If you want to have a bag that looks expensive, the contrasting colored stitches should be out of the door. These kinds of stitches are very distracting and look very shabby. Even if the stitches are visible, they should be unobtrusive, small, and straight.

Lightweight hardware is a good idea

So, you want a bag that looks expensive; the hardware is something that you have to consider. The hardware is something that cannot be faked. Choose a bag that has minimal but good quality hardware. You can find out more by having a look at some of the differently styled bags online. 

Cute may not be cute after all

Having a cute looking bag for a casual appearance is beautiful. However, when it comes to an expensive look, this is a very tricky factor. Expensive bags have elegance more than cuteness. So, even if you want to buy a bag that looks cute, make sure it also looks elegant.

A light and luxurious overall look

Some bags have a very light and luxurious look even if they have multiple pockets. The overall look from the outside is what matters. The bag should have well-defined corners, the right style, and a perfect finish in every way.

Too many details are too much to handle

Detailing is good, but too many aspects of the design feature make the bag look cheap and chaotic. If you want a good-looking bag, make sure that the design details are not all over the place. The charm of expensive sling bags is that they do not have too many features. 

The zipper does not come across as cheap

Zipper closures have to be perfectly placed and should not have any loose ends. Check the quality of the zipper, and it should not be too rough when you open or close it. The zipper should be smooth and has to have an excellent finish.

If you want to buy a bag that looks expensive, you have to pay close attention to details. A costly looking bag has very close detailing. Right from the color of the bag to the design stitch and finish, everything plays an important role. Keeping in mind these few tips mentioned above will help to choose a good and elegant looking bag within no time.

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