Top 5 Oncology EHR Software

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If you are an Oncologist who’s looking to make things a little easier at work, then we might have a solution for you. Yes, that solution is a good Oncology EHR software! Having a good software employed at your office can make your practice three times as efficient as it is right now! In this piece we’re going to be breaking down exactly what a good Oncology EMR software and Oncology Billing software are, and tell you about the best 5 ones available in the market today, so let’s get started! 

What is an EHR System?

Most people working in the medical field today have a basic idea of what an EHR or EMR system is. However, a lot of medical professionals fail to recognize just how advanced these software systems have become! These days Oncology EHR software are very advanced! You can schedule appointments, link it to labs to automatically get patient test results and even have billing processed through it! To have a better idea, you could possibly take a Oncology EMR software demo which most companies provide for free and see if the software suits you! 

Top 5 Oncology EMR Software

There are a lot of Oncology EHR software and Oncology EMR software out there. This makes it a little hard for doctors and medical professionals to decide which one to choose. As an oncologist, it might be confusing for you as well! This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 Oncology EHR software which will help you narrow down your choices and make an informed choice. 

Athenahealth EHR Software

This software is possibly one of the most popular ones in the entire United States and beyond. While it is not exclusively a software for Oncologists, it has pre-set templates and functionalities for dozens of specialties. It’s very popular among Oncologists for this very reason! The software can work on any device; smart phones, tablets and computers. It has cloud accessibility which means you can access the software and your account from anywhere in the world! This software is suitable for any size of business; whether you’re a small 1-2 person practice or a major hospital. You can even request that the provider gives you an Oncology EHR software demo and see if it works for you! 

EpicCare EMR Software

EpicCare is a very popular name amongst medical professionals in the United States and beyond because of how big the company is. A lot of Oncologists are sold just by getting an Oncology EMR software demo from them! The software is compatible with any type of device smart phone, tablet and computers. It also offers both cloud and desktop accessibility so you could essentially work on it offline too on the desktop version. However, it is mostly suitable for bigger organizations so smaller practices should probably not opt for it.

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

This is another famous EMR software that a lot of practices and hospitals use. Most Oncology EHR software cost quite a bit of money so you should ensure that the one you opt for is suitable for your business. In this regard, eClinicalWorks is great because of the fact that their software is suitable for all businesses no matter what the size! The software is accessible via both desktop versions and cloud versions. It can be accessed through any type of device; smart phones, tablets and desktops/laptops! 

PrognoCIS EMR Software

A lot of medical practices choose PrognoCIS EMR software because of how user friendly it is. The software has been around since the early 2000s and has been getting better with every update. It is pretty popular among Oncologists especially because of the customized templates it has for the specialty. The software is suitable for practices of any size; whether you’re a small set up or a big one, it is flexible enough to work in a way that suits you! The software also has cloud accessibility and desktop version too so it is virtually accessible to you anywhere in the world! In terms of Oncology EHR software pricing you can compare the pricing to other softwares and see whether it makes sense financially for you. 

AdvancedMD EHR Software

You can also request an Oncology EHR software demo from any of these providers and choose the one you like best. A good EHR system is a smart investment for any medical practice! If you want to discuss Oncology EHR software cost, feel free to contact us at (747) 228-0144 and talk to one of our experts during business hours to find out what is suitable for you! 

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