Top 6 Secrets of Happy Couples!

Top 6 Secrets of Happy Couples!
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A successful relationship requires falling in love again and again. But how do you stay connected and fresh, especially during difficult times?

At a couples retreat in Chicago, experts reveal the top 6 secrets of happy or successful relationships. In this article, we throw a spotlight on all of them.

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Put Your Spouse First

Happy couples always put their partner first. It helps them to express their caring nature. When your needs are fulfilled by your partner, you gain an incredible sense of trust. Trust provides emotional and commitment safety.

Bonus Tip: Doesn’t it matter how tired you are. Even at the end of the long-hectic day, make time to listen to your partner. Have a healthy discussion about each other’s needs. The discussions do not need to be lengthy. In fact, as you both get better at understanding each other and stating your needs, these conversations will become more efficient and meaningful.

 Stay Connected Through Communication

Do you remember your courtship period when you spend endless hours calling or texting each other?

Happy couples continuously maintain this passion for staying connected. Perhaps your method of connection may change. Small notes or surprises left behind to let your partner know you are thinking of her or him.

Have deeper conversations. Do not make your partner guess what your desires are. Learn how to communicate “bids” and how to respond to your partner’s “bids.”

Bonus Tip: Send small messages like “I love you,” “Miss you” and “Want to hug you” make your partner feel special. It says: “I will always be there when you need me most.”

Be The Friend You Should Be

According to the couples retreat in Chicago, happy couples are not just life partners; they are the best friends for life who support, listen and cheer each other in every situation.

Deep friendship is the foundational level for sound healthy relationships. It also forms the basis for intimacy, both physical and emotional.

Bonus Tip: Treat your partner as your best friend and share your success and achievements. Talk about your current career status, the ups and downs that you are currently facing, and so forth.

Never Take your Partner For Granted

Happiness in a relationship exists when you value your partner’s feelings and needs. Happy couples do not take their partners or partnership for granted. Appreciation and admiration – these feelings set them apart from couples in distressing relationships.

Bonus Tip: Respect each other’s individuality. Express the positive things you see in him or her.

Follow the 5:1 Rule

Follow the magic ratio of 5 to 1, as recommended by relationship experts at The Gottman Institute.

According to their research, stable and happy couples have at least five positive feelings or interactions with each other to every one negative feeling or interaction Negative interactions include criticizing each other, providing constant negative feedback, not supporting each other and not demonstrating affection
or appreciation

Bonus Tip: Show interest, affection, appreciation, care and concern for your partner. Aim for more positive interactions than negative.

Keep Your Intimacy Alive

Holding hands, hugging and kissing are essential in a healthy relationship. Physical intimacy not only maintains the spice in your relationship, but it also makes your emotional bond stronger. According to the 2017 study, having regular sex has been associated as a key ingredient to a happy relationship. The study quantified the “sexual afterglow” and found that sexual satisfaction facilities pair bonding.

Bonus Tip: Take a vacation, spend quality time together and plan regular dates. These activities help to spice things up in the bedroom.

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