Top 7 Healing Herbs That Are Safe For Dogs

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Pets deserve the utmost love and affection for being there always. From uplifting your mood to showering endless love, your furry friend does it all. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of your animal companion’s well-being. One of the most crucial things to look forward to is health and well-being. Make sure to consult the veterinary doctors and seek natural treatment options whenever possible.

You might consider the therapeutic herbs that boost the metabolism of dogs. Some potent herbal supplements like Licorice, Basil, and Parsely instill a sense of well-being in the canine animals.

Scroll down to find out the other herbs and their health benefits for your beloved animal. 

1. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)

Top 7 Healing Herbs That Are Safe For Dogs

If your dog undergoes injuries often, then Licorice might be your savior. Glycyrrhiza Glabra contains top-notch anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates the healing. Due to high levels of chemicals like Glycyrrhizin, it incorporates analgesic effects on your pet. What adds to the medicinal qualities is its ability to strengthen the effect of other herbs on animals. You can use Licorice supplements to increase the effectiveness of other natural treatments as well. Some common ailments that the herb might ease are Arthritis, Bacterial Infections, and Addison’s disease. 

2. Cannabis (Cannabis Sativa) 

Canine animals are quite prone to psychological and inflammatory distress related to various parts of the body. In case your pet suffers from periodical relapses of anxiety or inflammation, you might consider CBD for pets. It contains high levels of cannabidiol that act on your dog’s endocannabinoid system. It reduces mood swings, anxiety attacks, as well as inflammatory conditions to a great extent. Also, it takes care of the rheumatic affections like osteoarthritis. 

3. Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) 

Top 7 Healing Herbs That Are Safe For Dogs

One of the herbs that transform your pesto sauce recipe into a mouth-watering one is Basil. Ocimum basilicum possesses some extravagant benefits for your canine friends. You might use the herbs in a variety of forms to tackle common health issues in dogs. From the basil leaves’ soothing effect to the antimicrobial effects of the chemicals, the herb is quite effective for dogs. Make sure to add some basil extracts in your dog’s meals to boost the metabolism and induce antibacterial properties.

4. Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens)

Dogs suffer from some common joint-related ailments like Arthritis. For such purposes, you must seek some natural therapy that is devoid of side effects. One such effective treatment is through the Devil’s Claw herb. It helps in controlling the pain sensations arising from inflammatory responses around your dog’s joints. Along with this, it contains potent chemicals like verbascoside and harpagide. Such chemical composition helps in providing extra protection against bacterial and fungal pathogens. Experts regard the herb to be an effective treatment against canine rheumatism

5. Parsley (Petroselinum Crispum)

Top 7 Healing Herbs That Are Safe For Dogs

Who knew that the popular herb used for garnishing would turn out to be a treatment option for the canines? Parsley or Petroselinum Crispum is one of the best herbal therapies for the diseased dogs out there. It contains antioxidants like lycopene, and carotenes which prove to be effective in oxidative stress.

Also, it alleviates certain severe inflammatory diseases prevalent amongst the canine population. You might give your pet a dose of Parsley now and then to enrich the nutrient reservoir. Parsley contains nutrients like vitamins and flavonoids in large amounts. That way, it might add to your dog’s immunity and prevent future diseases. 

6. Yucca (Yucca Schidigera)

Yucca is the perennial plant emerging from the Caribbean islands and region. It possesses health benefits for your pets out there. It contains high levels of chemicals like steroidal saponins and polyphenols. Due to this, it incorporates salubrity amongst the canine population.

Some potent chemicals like resveratrol and yucca los induce anti-arthritic effects in dogs. Also, it alleviates the pains related to joint abnormalities and deformities. Along with this, you must give a few doses of Yucca supplements in case your pet suffers from protozoan diseases. Stick to the natural herbs for the holistic well-being of your pet. 

8. Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum Annuum)

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for severe pain amongst dogs, Cayenne pepper might help. Cayenne pepper is rich in chemicals like capsaicin that incorporate an analgesic effect on the animals. Also, it reduces the unwanted inflammatory responses that affect the health of your dog. Make sure to add a pinch of herb powder in your dog’s diet to relieve pain and digestive troubles. You can think of cayenne supplements in case of skin inflammation or excessive redness. Get your hands-on the topical supplements to tackle the dermatological ailments amongst dogs.

Bottom Line 

Natural treatment is quite sustainable and shows promising results when it comes to dogs. There are a variety of herbs available that induce holistic well-being and comfort amongst your pets. You might consider the Licorice extracts for analgesic purposes. Some other herbs like Basil, Devil’s claw, and Parsley help in tackling the rheumatic affections. You must add a natural herbal supplement in your dog’s diet to prevent the common gastric or immune-related troubles.

Along with the herbs mentioned above, you can consider Yucca and cayenne pepper as well. It helps to counter the effects of environmental pathogens like protozoans and fungi. Get your hands on the authentic supplements and induce salubrity amongst your pets in no time.

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