Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs an eCommerce Platform

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Top 7 Reasons Your Business Needs an e-commerce Platform

In this digital age, technology and the internet have made it easier for customers to buy and sell online with just one click. These online platforms are not only limited to the desktop or email newsletters. No! When it comes to ecommerce, the opportunities are endless as it has entered into all industrial sectors and online platforms.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also shown business owners why it is essential for physical companies to set up online stores in order to continue operations. There are also plenty of companies thinking about how to expand their business and capture the global market? The answer to all these questions is an ecommerce platform. 

Why Your Business Needs an ecommerce Website in 2020?

Ecommerce Website in 2020

Online shopping is growing fast in the world, with customers looking for quick and easy ways to shop online with minimal effort. It is very easy for companies to set up their ecommerce platforms and counterparts for their business.

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Here are a few reasons why your business needs an e-commerce platform and some key advantages:

1. A shift in Consumer Behavior

According to Statista, there is a huge shift from onsite to online shopping. The global COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened this consumer behavior as online consumer shopping reached its peak during these months of the pandemic.

According to McKinsey, during the pandemic, “consumers faced a surplus of time…and are spending significantly more time online.” They also suggest that this shift in consumer behavior is likely to become permanent or “the next normal.” Therefore, you must consult a web development company in Dubai today and set up your online presence.

2. Staying Competitive

According to Entrepreneur, online sales have increased a lot in the past few years as more and more customers prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes.  More than 58% of the people said that they shop online because of convenience, i.e., it is time-saving, and you can shop online 24/7.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to develop business websites and ecommerce platforms to stay ahead of the competition in the market. If you want to maintain and increase your revenue and profits, then you need to adapt to e-commerce as soon as you can because the demand for it is growing at a fast rate.   

3. Additional Revenue Generation

Enhance Customer Experience

Not every business can set up their business online, but if your business is compatible with ecommerce, then you should gear up and go digital. Going online is the only way to take advantage of additional revenue generation opportunities and customers. As discussed above, consumer behavior is already shifting towards online, so you need to adapt to this new normal.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on setting up a new store at a new location, you can simply set up your ecommerce platform that is not only cheaper but offers a global reach. This way, you can sell and market to potential customers online and increase revenue generation.

4. Global Reach

A physical business set up limits your market reach depending upon your location, and you end up staying local for years. However, by having an e-commerce platform for your business will allow you to expand your business globally and reach out to new customers regardless of the time zone and distance.

For example, your business offers stationary and office supplies to its local customers. Through an online Shopify platform, you can expand your business and reach out to global customers and increase your revenue.

5. Digital Marketing Opportunities

Another big advantage of having an ecommerce platform and online presence is numerous social media and digital marketing opportunities. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can build consumer trust through ratings and reviews of your online store.

It also provides an excellent opportunity for marketing your products and keeping your customers informed through social media posts. Through a good ecommerce SEO strategy,you can even rank at the top of Google search results and increase your online presence and conversion.

6. Low Operating Costs

Another most important reason why your business needs an ecommerce set up is that these online platforms lower your operating costs. It is much cheaper to sell your products online as you don’t need expensive warehouses for stocking inventory or utility bills and security expenses related to a rental shop. This way, you can take the majority of the market by selling your products at competitive prices.

7. Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Another reason why you need an e-commerce platform for your business is that your first priority is your customer, and an online website can help you improve customer experience. You can provide your customers with a 27/4 online shopping opportunity with a well-developed app that allows customers to take a closer look at the product.

But for doing that, you need to create an attractive website with bright and colorful product images and a clear description of the items. Your website should have smooth navigation, so your customers don’t get confused. To ensure these qualities, do consider consulting Spiral Click, a web development company in Dubai, to create an enhanced user experience for customers.

Get Your Ecommerce Website Today! 

E-commerce is not a short term solution for businesses. Businesses that don’t adopt online presence and build their websites have to prepare themselves for adverse effects in this digital age, where everything is online. If you still haven’t built your online presence, then you are missing out on these advantages.

So, don’t waste any more time and optimize your business through online platforms today and enjoy an increase in customers and revenue. It is time you embraced the world of e-commerce!

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