Top Orthopedic EMR Software for 2021

Top Orthopedic EMR Software for 2021
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What is an EMR?

The term EMR means electronic medical records. This software is not just to keep medical records safe but also to help you manage your medical practice in terms of the patient onboarding, scheduling and much more. All of this leads to not just following legal guidelines but also allows you to manage your practice easily, in lesser time and more efficiency as well. All in all, this will help you to manage your orthopedics practice seamlessly. In this piece, we will give you orthopedic EMR reviews for some EMR options you can consider. This software will only make things easier for you to handle and take care of at your medical practice. If you are looking for software for your orthopedic practice then keep reading!

Best Orthopedic Software

AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD EHR is the first software on our list because of how popular this company is. This software has a lot of great features, but the features we want to tell you about are our medical billing features will help make billing a lot easier for you. This feature allows you to reduce the number of errors in billing because it automates your billing and hence removes room for human error. Other than that, this feature also allows you to schedule appointments virtually because of its telemedicine feature. The feature helps you use the telemedicine feature which helps you see patients virtually through video calls and even allows you to manage payments virtually as well. All of this leads to more efficient processes for you.

Sammy EHR

Sammy EHR is another great choice for your orthopedics practice. For this software in our orthopedic EMR reviews, we want to tell you about the charting feature. The charting feature in this software helps you significantly reduce the time it takes for you to make patient notes and hence be able to reduce the time per appointment as well. The software allows you to also dictate your notes to it so that you have your hands free when seeing patients. Instead of transcribing notes, later on, you can simply just have the software automatically convert dictated notes to written text-based documents. While this software is not as well known as the other software in this list it still gives them major competition and is a software to be reckoned with and one you should still definitely consider.


RXNT is also a great EHR option. This software has a great appointment scheduling feature that helps you to schedule as many appointments as possible without an issue. This helps you to make things simple since you can schedule as many patients in a day as possible and hence optimize your practice significantly. The software also has a waitlisting feature which is amazing. This feature helps you to make things more efficient as it deters no-shows and helps you fill in last-minute cancellations so you do not have to worry about anything. All in all, this software is great for you to use in your medical practice.


As far as orthopedic EMR reviews go, we have to mention AthenaOne EMR software because of the software’s prowess. This software has a great e-prescription feature that allows you to make prescriptions online for your customers easily. This software helps to make things simple by allowing you to send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy that can then dole out your prescription to you. This eliminates the need for your patients to come to your practice to pick up a prescription at all. The software also has a lot of other great features which allow you to make things a lot easier for you and your medical practice. The features help you both manage your medical practice while also helping you manage your patients seamlessly as well.

Kareo Clinical EHR

Kareo is the last software on our list. This software helps you to make prescriptions online and also warns you about any possible drug interactions that might otherwise have happened. This software allows you to make things so much easier for yourself. The software has a feature that helps you with making diagnoses much more quickly because it gives suggestions according to the symptoms you put in. All in all, this software helps make things a lot easier for you. Kareo is a well-loved EHR option for a variety of medical practices and specializations all across North America and beyond.

What Orthopedic EMR Should you Invest in?

Now that we have told you in detail about several orthopedic EMR reviews you are probably wondering which one of this software, in particular, we would recommend to you. In this case, we recommend that you conclude yourself. We suggest reading as many features for any EHR you might be interested in and then determining through that whether you would be interested in the software and whether it would help you.

We also suggest asking for a demo or trial of the software before you proceed. In the end, we are sure whatever software you choose and whatever decision you make will be the right call for you and your medical practice.

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