Top Three Printing Solutions for Restaurant Menus

Top Three Printing Solutions for Restaurant Menus
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The importance of restaurant menu printing has increased over the years, owing to the ever-increasing demand for healthy, delicious food for those who want a taste of nature in their homes. A restaurant menu is an important aspect of setting up a restaurant.

Menu printing services are the best way of spreading the word about your restaurant to your potential customers and informing them about the kind of food you serve, the prices and the type of promotions you are offering.

Let us look into the options you have for menu printing and whether it’s the best option for you.

Laminated Menus

A lamination is an option that has been used by restaurant menu printers for the past several years and is also capable of providing good quality images at a low cost. Choose from among the various durable solutions like lamination so as to ensure a very long life for your restaurant menu and impress your customers with a rich, full-colour print of your dishes.

You can also go in for laminated menus for menu cards, which will look very stylish and elegant. A popular solution is to use a printer that specializes in providing high-quality and durable graphic designers to help you create a captivating menu with a sleek finish. VC Print is a name you can rely on for restaurant menu printing. The UK-based company provides a range of customization options with several templates to choose from.

Synthetic Printing

Another popular option is to use synthetic printing for restaurant menu printing. This option uses high-quality, durable vinyl and gives the option of using different fonts and colours, which are not possible with lamination. It is also very convenient to use and does not need any special training to use it.

However, this option is quite costly when compared to lamination, and the final product may not match the original design of your restaurant menu if they are printed on vinyl. Your graphic designers will have to be extremely creative in order to design a visually arresting menu that is not only appealing but also matches your restaurant’s image and brand name. VC Print has a team of graphic designers that can help with takeaway menu printing in all possible manners.

High-quality, long-lasting vinyl is available for restaurant menu printing, but if you do not want to spend too much money on printing it, you can always go in for high quality, cheap vinyl, which you can buy from any office supply store. However, vinyl is prone to wear and tear, especially when it comes to usage outdoors. Moreover, printing on vinyl may not give you the same impact and appeal as it would if you were printing on paper or card because it lacks the crisp impact of the image produced.

Coated Cover

The final option available for takeaway menu printing is the coated cover. The most popularly used coating for menu laminating is the UV coating, which is applied by a special UV liquid. This UV liquid is applied on a specially made plastic sheet and presses onto the paper. This process seals the surface of the menu and helps prevent it from being faded or damaged due to exposure to the sun. The downside of this type of lamination is that it is commonly used only in restaurants where the menu will be exposed to sunlight. This means that this type of lamination may not be advisable for you if you plan to use it at home.

Final Verdict:

If you want a highly durable solution for restaurant menu printing, you should opt for high-quality, glossy vinyl that can withstand any kind of condition, including high temperature, chemicals and grease. Vinyl also gives a perfect finish and is available in several different colors.

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