5 Clever Trade Show Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

trade show marketing
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Are you an industry leader looking for ways to get your brand name and products in front of the right people? Could you use some tips on how to draw attention at an upcoming trade show?

Consumers go to trade shows to find the latest products. They are also expecting avant-garde state-of-the-art displays. Are you anxiously attempting to advertise and brand your company at trade shows?

We’re here to provide you with some top trade show marketing tactics. Read on to find out how you can be a winner at business trade shows.

1. Designing Your Booth and Messaging Wisely

Make sure to create cohesive and attractive visuals for your booth. Incorporate bold colors, eye-catching graphics, and a consistent theme across all of your displays.

Along with visuals, ensure the messaging for your booth is concise and clear. Make sure your key points are written on signs or flyers that can easily be accessed by whoever is walking by.

It is important to have a team of dedicated representatives at the booth. They should effectively answer questions and represent your company in a positive light.

2. Reach Out to Current Customers

Reaching out to current customers is one of the most effective trade show marketing tactics you can use. Inviting customers to the booth and providing them with special offers, discounts, deals, or gifts.

This can be an effective way to build strong relationships. Establishing a loyalty program or customer reward program offers tangible value. It can also be used at trade shows or beyond to strengthen customer loyalty.

You can also use the trade show floor to host giveaways, games, and activities that will be attractive to your customer base. Utilize giveaways as incentives to enter the booth. This will allow you to “capture” contact information for those customers to follow up with after the event.

3. Spread the Word

Spreading the word as a trade show marketing tactic can be surprisingly effective. It involves word-of-mouth and social media marketing to get people talking about your business.

Make sure you have enough dome labels, flyers, and business cards featuring your booth information and a map of the event, and have a social presence online. During the event, give out flyers and business cards bearing your booth information and discounts or special offers exclusive to the trade show.

4. Pick the Right People

When it comes to picking the right people for your trade show marketing team, you should carefully consider their experience and level of commitment. With the right team in place, you can create clever tactics to make the most of your trade show presence.

Focus on building relationships with attendees and finding creative ways to build interest, like providing unique demos, hosting an engaging panel discussion, or introducing a new product.

5. Establish a Clear CTA

Make sure to follow the three key elements of CTA to be established. A prominent display that transforms foot traffic into leads, a clear message that explains the value proposition of your products/services, and an interactive platform that allows potential customers to engage with your brand.

Choosing the Best Trade Show Marketing Tactics

To find success at your next trade show, clever trade show marketing tactics are the way to go. Tactics like offering free swag, collecting leads, and investing in your booth design can all help you make the most of the show. Get started with your promotion and advertising today!

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