Use These Helpful Tips To Make Your Custom Pillow Boxes More Attractive

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Long-term consumers are more likely to be attracted to custom pillow boxes that are appealing. These containers may be modified to meet your needs.

Concentrate on the Dimensions You Desire

When producing custom pillow boxes, a maker must examine the item’s size. The size of your box is the first important factor to consider. It’s crucial for keeping your things as secure as possible.

In terms of safety, designing a large size box for packaging goods for gift purposes is inefficient. Your goods will vibrate as a consequence.

On the other hand, a smaller custom printed cushion packing boxes wholesale may make it increasingly challenging to put your goods inside. It’s possible that the edges will be broken, increasing the risk of damage to the goods.


Save Your Money

Using cardboard sheets to make the right-sized Kraft pillow boxes may save your company money in the long run. It also reduces the danger of damage and guarantees that your goods arrive in good condition. So you can save your money.

Select the Most Effective Template

Another thing to remember is to choose an appropriate box template. Because each product needs its packaging. It’s crucial to choose the right container layouts for the job.

Get a Wide Selection of Appealing Designs

As a brand owner, you might have a lot of options. Mailer-style packaging, custom gift boxes, sleeves boxes, foldable containers, two-piece rigid containers, gable boxes, and a variety of other options are available.


What Is The Perfect Way To Create A Packaging Of A Blueprint?

These templates are first drawn on cardboard pieces, then cut out to make the required pillow boxes.

Selecting the appropriate packaging for your goods can profit your business in the long run. It is more appropriate for your goods. Furthermore, this packaging aids in the enhancement of your company’s image.


Create Your Design in a Professional Manner

It’s critical how you present your Kraft pillow box artwork. Because it is so important in attracting prospective buyers’ attention.

You must first design the artwork that will be used to make the cardboard sheets.

Use 3D Modelling To Your Advantage

You may choose between a 3D box design and a die-line design. If you don’t have access to or don’t know how to utilize costly design tools, the 3D box design is a fantastic alternative.

Templates for Die Cutting

Die-cutting Templates, on the other hand, provide you complete control over your design’s layout, fonts, colors, and alignment.

  • Make sure there are no cut or crop lines in your artwork.
  • They must be stored as vectors or forms.


Typography for Packaging

Your text will be readable when printed if you select a strong typeface. A basic font design, on the other hand, might be lost while printing.

Add some flair to your containers if you’re using light-color or white content against a dark background.

It’s possible that ink might bleed, as well as a dark background will produce an optical illusion. It shrinks your text and, in certain cases, makes it disappear when seen from a distance.

Make Use of Dark Colors and Bold Fonts

If you make your writing too small, it will become fuzzy and illegible. Text written on custom pillow boxes looks best when it’s written in a bold font with dark colors, especially if it’s in italics.

Choose the Color Schemes That Are Most Appropriate

The more appealing your package is, the more likely you are to attract repeat clients. The most effective way to make your custom pillow boxes and packing stand out is to use color models.

It’s possible that you’ll need to employ an expert to help you complete them correctly.


CMYK and PMS Color Schemes

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black), as well as PMS (primary, secondary, and tertiary), are the most popular color techniques (primary, secondary, and tertiary).

Without having to worry about pixel breaking, you may create a stunning combination by combining these four common colors in CMYK.

PMS is becoming famous these days. Despite its high cost, it may be used to produce high-quality wholesale custom printed cushion packing boxes.



These Kraft pillow boxes are available in a variety of colors and textures. You have the option of choosing one of the following:

  • Glossy coating: gives the box a gleaming appearance while also keeps wetness out.
  • Gold or silver foil may also be utilized to get the same effect.

Laminating your boxes in the ways described above will give them a premium and high-end look.

It does, however, serve as a humidity barrier and safeguards products from hazardous elements.


Packing Insulation

Temperature fluctuations have an impact on products. As a result, the best heat-resistant packaging is advantageous. The containers are great in this instance.

Its building material acts as an insulator, stopping heat from penetrating and harming the item within. As a consequence, you won’t have to worry about losing money if you sell your product to hot areas.

These boxes may be used to keep items useable and warm when they don’t work properly in cold weather. It’s one of the reasons why environmentally friendly and sustainable boxes are so versatile. Similarly, you can keep your product safe by including bubble pads inside the box. 



Examine a few of your recent purchases. The majority of companies package their goods in custom pillow boxes. These businesses pick Kraft because it is a very adaptable material. In addition to products, we use it to package a wide range of items, including food, clothing, cosmetics, machinery, housing, and a variety of daily commodities.

The long-term durability and low cost of these custom boxes are well-known. Its outstanding characteristics have made it a popular choice among all of the world’s leading brands.

However, in order to make great custom printed boxes, you’ll need to manufacture more appealing and professional cardboard sheets. Because these sheets come together to form a box. If you want to obtain the greatest outcomes, you must enhance their presentation.

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