Top Warehouse Management System for Small Business

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A recent report shows that there are approximately 30.7 million Warehouse Management System for Small Business in the United States. Among these businesses, the ones that succeed are those that are able to manage their operations efficiently and reduce costs. Warehouse management software is designed to meet their needs. Before we take a look at the best warehouse management software for small businesses, let’s find out what these solutions are, their benefits and features.

What is warehouse management software?

When a Warehouse Management System for Small Business is just starting out, it is acceptable to use spreadsheets to keep inventory. But as a business grows, managing spreadsheets, even with a small number of users and a small inventory, can become cumbersome and tedious. Identifying growth opportunities at a time of cost-cutting has become more important than ever. Warehouse management software maintains a more orderly inventory record and automates warehouse operations, saving you time and allowing you to focus on more important decisions. They improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations and help create customer delight. To decide on the right system, you need to identify which features will be most beneficial to your business.




Most solutions can help.

Save money. Tools such as vendor-driven inventory and demand reporting and forecasting ensure that product is not wasted.

Reduce human error. Features such as barcoding reduce human error and streamline warehouse operations such as sorting, picking, counting and receiving.

Customer service. Reduce the time it takes to pick, pack and ship products so customers receive their orders faster.

Greater transparency. The reporting feature provides a broader view of inventory. This increases transparency and reduces mismanagement between you, your suppliers and your customers.

Key features

Inbound and outbound transactions

Without robust inbound and outbound functions, the rest of your warehouse is focused on catching up. Having a solid system in place for quick check-in and fast, accurate release will help prevent subsequent errors. Likewise, a reliable outbound Warehouse Management System for Small Business can help prevent returns, improve customer satisfaction and reduce the strain on inbound resources.

Inventory management

You may have a smaller facility, but that doesn’t mean managing your inventory is easy. Large companies like Amazon and Walmart have set their expectations so high that customers no longer expect (or forgive) mistakes. Having a clear and comprehensive view of your inventory is the only way to stay on top of and reduce errors. This is an essential feature of warehouse management software for small businesses.


If you’re investing in a new system, you want to make sure it works with your current software. Fortunately, warehouse management software can be used as a standalone product, as part of a larger SCM module, or as part of an ERP. You’re almost guaranteed to get it to fit into your existing solution, just choose wisely.

Workforce management

This feature helps to reduce human error in workforce planning. If you have a lot of redundant work in your warehouse, such as repetitive picking or storage processes, this can be a useful feature for you.

Analysis and reporting

Business intelligence is an essential part of any successful business and the more you can get out of it, the better. As mentioned above, in many cases it is impossible to know the cause or extent of a problem without accurate analysis.

In addition, most systems today offer cloud-based deployment. Real-time visibility, available only in the cloud, makes any kind of analysis and reporting more feasible. With up-to-date data, you can make more informed decisions and more accurate forecasts.

Now that you have a better idea of what you might be looking for, here are five of the best solutions for small businesses.

Best warehouse management software for small businesses

Once you have a better understanding of how Inventory Software for Small Business can help your business, you can start researching the market to find the best product for your needs.


Fishbowl Warehouse is available with either a cloud-based or on-premises strategy. It also integrates with other solutions such as Quick Books, Xero and others. It is ideal for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and government agencies.


Automated order points. Supports automatic reorder points to manage excess inventory and stock shortages.

Integration with existing software

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