What Are The key Benefits Of Having A Managed IT Solution For Your Business?

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Every business would like to increase their efficiency, but IT can be hurdle if your team lacks the time or necessary technical skills. Failing to maintain a secure, up-to-date network puts both you and your customer’s data at risk and the downtime from a serious IT disaster could be enough to finish off some smaller companies. Luckily, there’s a solution – a Managed IT Services company. 

What Is A Managed IT Support Provider? 

A managed IT provider is unlike a traditional break/fix IT contractor that you might call in to fix some hardware on-site on an hourly rate. Your relationship with your managed services company will be an ongoing one where they take care of your network holistically. Unlike break/fix IT companies who are paid every time they come to fix something, a managed service provider’s fee is fixed and ongoing, so if something breaks, they have a greater incentive to make sure it stays fixed. 

What Does A Managed IT Service Company Provide? 

Beyond break/fix solutions, a managed IT services provider will help with… 

  • Network Security 

Through constant monitoring and threat reports, along with the deployment of the most up-to-date malware protection, you managed service provider (MSP) will have the security of your network as their top priority. 

  • Cloud Services 

Scalable cloud platforms allow even the smallest businesses to compete on a level playing field. Though undeniably the future of enterprise IT, cloud platforms can be daunting and complex for the unexperienced. A managed IT service provider will help you to plan and complete a migration of your systems to the cloud and will be in charge of managing your cloud network. 

  • Network Administration 

Backing up your data, installing updates and troubleshooting glitches can be a full-time job and probably not the one you started your business to do. A managed IT provider will take over this burden and ensure that your network is kept up-to-date, efficient and is correctly documented.  

  • Consultation/Procurement 

IT procurement decisions can be costly, complicated and making the wrong one can have a seriously detrimental effect on your company. As part of their service and managed IT solutions will provide guidance on the best choices for hardware, software and cloud platforms. After all, as they would have to fix it if it went wrong, it’s in their interest to help you make the right choice first time.  

  • Data Backups 

Depending on your business, the effects of losing data can range from inconvenient to disastrous. A managed service provider will help to implement and manage a data backup policy that protects your data by backing it up in an easily restored form at regular intervals.  

  • Disaster Recovery 

Data backup is just one aspect of disaster recovery. A good managed IT services provider will build a custom disaster recovery plan for you, focussing on quickly bring you back to an operational state in the aftermath of a “disaster” (for example an office fire means you cannot enter your building and your staff must work from home). Solutions such as backup VoIP phone systems and remote desktops can help to bridge the gap and maintain continuity of service in the event of the unexpected. 

What Are The Other Benefits Of Managed IT Services? 

  • Reduced Downtime 

Downtime equals lost revenue and a damaged reputation. By having an MSP keep your network in good health and by implementing effective disaster recovery protocols you can keep your downtime to a minimum. 

  • Reduce Costs 

Long term, having an MSP will be cheaper than relying constantly on break/fix ad hoc contractors. Additionally, as there is a set monthly fee, your IT costs will be more predictable and easier to factor into your overall budget. 

  • Increased Productivity 

Many manhours are wasted by businesses on unnecessary or duplicated tasks. An MSP can help to digitise and streamline office processes, freeing up time and resources for other tasks and boosting your overall productivity. 

How Do I Choose Which Managed Service Provider To Use? 

Finding the right MSP means matching your business needs to their service offering. Identify the areas of your IT where you are currently spending too much and think about what the most important part of your IT service would be. 

At Carden IT Services, we pride ourselves on being a proactive service provider, meaning we don’t wait for things to go wrong, we ensure they don’t break in the first place. You can learn more about our different managed services packages on our website or by calling us on 08081890832. 

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