What are the low-cost fertility treatment options and the test to get before that?

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When a couple visits the IVF centre in Punjab, they always have that one concern, ‘Is there any low-cost fertility treatment option?’ Yes!

No doubt, the doctor suggests IVF treatment even in the first go because the success rate is extremely high and specifically for complicated cases this treatment is the best choice to boost the success rate. Moreover, the Test tube baby cost in India is affordable as compared to other fertility treatment options.

What are the low-cost fertility treatment options and the test to get before that?

What are the tests which I should get before fertility treatment?

First of all, the doctor is going to analyze your overall health along with that do some testing like:

  • Check the ovarian reserve
  • Ask you to get a hormonal balance test
  • Detect the thyroid issue and give the treatment if needed
  • Screen for the metabolic abnormalities and correct them
  • Check for the uterine fibroids
  • Damaged or blocked fallopian tube
  • Male fertility testing
  • X-ray which is known as a hysterosalpingogram (helps to check whether fallopian tubes are normal or not)


What are the low-cost fertility treatment options?

Before you choose to get the advanced fertility treatment options you can undergo the following:

  • Correct the ovulation issue

Ovulation issues account for 20% of infertile women. Majorly this problem occurs due to the weight, like if you are overweight then you need to get it to normal. By doing so, the ovulation can restore to normal & which will boost your chances of conception.

  • Correcting the issue of PCOS

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a common hormonal imbalance that can make it difficult to conceive. This issue also causes problems with ovulation. In this case, you should make changes in your daily lifestyle or live a healthy routine & this condition can be managed.


Ovulation Induction

For irregular ovulation, this treatment is the best choice. The woman is suggested to take oral medications like Clomid or letrozole. It is timed during the intercourse and the expected ovulation time. Moreover, it can be linked with IUI.


Clomid or letrozole

As we have mentioned above, these medications are suggested by the doctor. They aim to stimulate around 2 to 4 eggs. But, this treatment is best suited for the women with:

  • One fallopian tube should work normally
  • Normal sperm can be either from the partner or donor

Studies have shown that the natural fertility rate is around 20% to 25% per cycle. On the other hand, the couples treated with medications and IUI have 20% chances per cycle. Make sure that you talk to the doctor about which choice is best for you. Depending on what suits your condition and what are the test results, the doctor will suggest the treatment which increases your conception chances.


What if the fertility case is complex or there is something unusual?

In case of a complicated situation or unusual condition, the preferred and right choice is IVF. The doctor might not suggest low-cost treatment options because the success rate will not be as high as it needs to be. In some cases, the surgery is suggested in the first place and later an IVF plan is started.


To know what is best for you, consult the IVF doctor at the earliest and accordingly plan your fertility journey.

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