What are the Steps to be Followed After a Failed Hair Transplant?

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The 21st century is all about how well science evolves with every passing day and how it can affect the community as a whole. This advancement has given rise to several equipment and techniques that can be used to provide a high success rate to hair transplant surgeries. Having said that, if someone visits a doctor who does not have the technical expertise to perform the surgery or has limited experience in the field, you might suffer from what is known as a failed hair transplant.

A hair transplant surgeon has several patients consulting them for such botched-up hair transplants for which they suggest a corrective repair hair transplant procedure. These repair procedures are performed in a slightly different way than the usual hair transplant because of the complications encountered during the failed surgery. That is why it is always advised that you visit the best repair hair transplant doctor who is well-aware of all the aspects of such surgeries to get the most satisfactory results.

So, what cases account as a failed hair transplant procedure?

A botched-up or failed hair transplant procedure might happen due to various reasons. Some of the most common of them include:

  1. Patient Eligibility: As a surgeon myself, I find this in my line of duty to tell you that the first thing that the doctor should see before jumping to conclusions is if you are eligible for the surgery. Not all patients are suitable for the same and thus should be advised other options such as scalp micropigmentation. 
  1. Surgical Method: Those doctors who do not have enough experience in transplant might fail to diagnose the best technique to be used for getting the desired results. This might end up ruining the healthy follicles of the safe donor area and the failure of the surgery as a whole.
  1. Technical Failure: More often than not, a lot of doctors tend to use outdated techniques for the procedure. With the advancement of science and technology, there are several methods to perform a particular surgery and choosing what works the best is up to the doctor. The use of unstable instruments can cause technical failure as well. 

Now that you are aware of the reasons of a failed hair transplant procedure, you must always try to consult experienced professional, especially those certified with International boards, to make the most of your aesthetic surgery. 

The Top Cases That Require Repair Hair Transplant

What are the Steps to be Followed After a Failed Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant repair in India is a corrective technique that ensures the flaws of your botched-up hair transplant are fixed and cannot be seen. Some of the most common cases that definitely require a repair hair transplant procedure are:

  1. Improper Hairline: The hair transplant surgery is an aesthetic procedure, the effects of which is directly visible to the man and should look absolutely natural. Now, when inexperienced doctors fail to perform the surgery, the execution is ruined. The patients with a frontal hairline that is too forward might look extremely unnatural when you have complete hair growth, thereby ruining the patient’s facial proportions. Through the repair procedure, professionals use micro-punch excisions to remove the extra grafts.
  1. Hairline Ridging: The second on this list is also one of the most common reasons for having a botched-up transplant – that of ridging on the hairline. This happens when the surgeon unmindfully places larger grafts too close to each other to give the illusion of a higher density to the patient. Once the grafts have achieved its full growth stage, it might leave an unpleasant bump that looks unnatural. A surgeon, through repair transplant, can ensure that each graft is placed at a proper distance from each other.
  1. Depleted Donor Area: During the hair transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are taken from a safe donor area of the head and then implanted to the recipient site. Now, if the doctor performing the same is not efficient enough, he or she might deplete the donor area, leaving the area to look thinner. Needless to say, the professional would not be able to find any healthy follicles to work with during the repair as well.
  1. The Angular Direction: One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are looking for natural-looking results is implanting follicles in a way that matches the natural hair growth angle. The incorrect angulations of the same follicular units can end up making your result look ghastly and completely unnatural. The trick to making the results look formidable is having downward angulations on the temporal hair and the anterior angulations on the frontal hair.
  1. Ugly Scars from the FUT: When the transplant surgery is performed with the Linear Excision Method, it leaves a scar on the safe donor site. Now when an unprofessional handles the case, the scar might be big and ugly that has to be hidden with external methods. When it comes to repairing such bad FUT scars, professionals tend to opt for Scalp Micropigmentation as this leaves natural-looking results as well. 

Through a repair hair transplantprofessionals can also work with low-density follicles by using other parts of the body to perform the same and camouflaging the plugs by reducing their size.

What are the Steps to be Followed After a Failed Hair Transplant?

In case you are someone with an already bad experience with transplant surgery and are looking forward to corrective techniques, you can consult Saraswat Hospital, the NO 1 hair transplant clinic in India. The two doctors at the helm of operations are DrSatyaSaraswat and DrPreetiSaraswat, both of whom are certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), among several other such renownedinternational boards. 

What are the Steps to be Followed After a Failed Hair Transplant?

With more than 17 years of experience in hair transplant surgery, both the doctors can provide you with a customized treatment plan after analyzing the ideal approach to be taken for the desired results. The hospital is one of the very uncommon ones in India that is eligible to perform insulin therapy and the UGraft™ punch method as well to receive natural-looking results. We specialize in repair hair transplant and also offer celebrity hair transplant, along with providing Medical Tourism. You can get in touch with the team at the hospital by dialing +91-9690039999 / +91-9258386320or sending an email to saraswathospitalagra@gmail.com

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