Your Responsibilities when Moving With Packers and Movers

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You know professional packers and movers will help you to transport your goods from one place to another. From packing your goods to safely loading and unloading them, everything will be done by the professionals. So now the question comes what are your responsibilities when moving your house with packers and movers.

Moving with professional movers and packers means no tensions and hassles. But, this doesn’t mean house shifting doesn’t require your involvement. Several things are needed to be done by you.

If you are moving for the first time and have no idea what to do when moving with packers and movers then this article will help you. We have discussed what are your responsibilities as a relocator. And, what you should do when you are moving with packers and movers.

Before the Movers Arrive

Following is the list of the things that you should do before the arrival of the movers: –

Get rid of goods

Packers and movers are going to categorize your goods. They will pack all the things you will ask for. So, purge your home and get rid of the goods that you don’t want or are useless for you. This will lessen the weight of your shipment as well as packers and movers charges.

Pack essentials

Not everything packers and movers will pack. In fact, it’s not safe either to hand over everything to mover to get them packed. So, pack your essentials and valuables in a bag separately and keep them aside.

Make an inventory

This will help you to keep a record of the goods you have given to your movers for transporting. You can easily identify if any of the goods will go missing. While loading and unloading the stuff, you can tally the items with your inventory list. And immediately inform your movers if something is missing. So, prepare an inventory list.

Establish a no-pack zone

If you do anything that you don’t want to pack then simply have a no-packing zone for the movers. Either hang a board outside the room with a “No-pack zone” or ask packers what to go inside.

Prepare your appliances and furniture

Cleaning and fixing any appliances or furniture will cost you extra. Movers and packers will do this only if you will pay extra, so, do it yourself and get your appliances and furniture ready for moving.

Plan how you will travel

Booking tickets or hiring a cab, decide how you will reach your destination, as everything will take time. Last-minute flight fares are also high. Hence, book it as early as possible to avoid surplus charges.

Plan for the safety of your kids

You can arrange a sitter for taking care of your children on the day you will be moving, or you can drop them at your neighbors/relatives’ place. This way you can ensure their safety. Also, the movers can pack stuff without any disturbance.

Keep refreshments and tips for the movers ready

Your packers and movers will put lots of effort to pack and moving your stuff. Keep some refreshments and snacks ready for them so that they don’t feel thirsty or hungry. Also, keep cash ready to tip your movers, if you will like their service.

After Their Arrival

Guide them according to your requirements

After reaching your place, packers will start packing your goods using good packaging materials. Some of your furniture will require to be dismantled. Guide them to pack your belongings according to your requirements.

Discuss everything quickly about disassembling the furniture and items, society rules, packing and handling goods, and give instructions about using the lift.

Check all rooms before leaving

Make sure you are not leaving anything behind. Check every room once more before leaving the house.

Guide the truck through the best route

Your movers are well aware of the routes, but yet if you know the simplest route from the origin to the destination then guide the truck driver. Ask them to follow you and your goods will be reached more conveniently.

Clean up the new home

Try to come ahead of time before the mover so that you can clean up your new home. You can also hire professional cleaners for the task, as it’s not possible to do it yourself after coming from a hectic journey.

Unload and check the goods

The movers will unload the goods and place them in your new house. Take out your inventory list and start matching the goods from the list. Check if everything has reached safely. If you think anything is missing, report it to your mover. You cannot blame your movers for missing or damaged items once they leave, so, it’s important to check goods in their presence.

Tip your movers

If you are satisfied and happy with their services, then tip your movers. Also, offer some refreshments.

After Movers leave

Arrange your home

Start arranging your things and settle your new home. Unpack boxes of one room at one time and feel like home.

Write a review

No matter whether you are satisfied or unsatisfied with the performance of your movers and packers. You must write a review for your moving company. This will help hundreds of people out there who are confused with whether to hire or not their service. Your one review can help many to get the right service. Also, if you didn’t tip your movers this would be the best thing you can do for them.

Make new friends

To know your new city you need friends. Your neighbors can be your first pals in the new town. So, it’s time for you to make new friends and meet neighbors. With them, you can explore the city.


Hope this checklist will help you to know what you should do when you are moving with professional packers and movers from Bangalore to Pune. But make sure to hire the right and reliable movers and packers near you to have a safe and hassle-free moving experience.

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