What Is A Koi Pond and Why Should Have One in Your Backyard?

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Marine life lovers are always looking for opportunities to enjoy the aquatic life. As much as you would like to be on the outskirts exploring the sea, it is not always possible to make frequent trips to these destinations. For such enthusiasts, a koi pond is an excellent endeavor to create a scenic and relaxing environment in your own house or workspace. Something is fascinating and calming about the sound of fish jumping around in the water. Koi ponds allow for you to experience the serenity of nature while enjoying a beautiful view without having to leave your house.

If you have not been familiarized with a koi pond before and are interested in getting one installed, you might want to search for koi pond installation near me. Here we will be discussing everything you need to know about a koi pond and the important factors you should consider before getting one.

What Is A Koi Pond?

A koi pond can be thought of as a swimming pool specifically designed for the koi fish. It could also be described as an enlarged fish tank. A koi pond is designed with liner walls that act as a firm guard for the koi fish, protecting them from the potential predators. Most of these koi ponds are preferably kept devoid of any rocks or gravel that can not only be harmful to the koi fish but can also make the pond crowded and muddled to look at.

Koi ponds usually have a filtration system as well as aeration technology that helps to maintain a clear, unhindered view of the pond. There is an external pump for supplying the water to the pond, and oxygen is provided via an aeration system. There is sufficient safety management, and no electrical system or equipment is placed inside the water.

Koi ponds are manufactured using concrete or timber as an external earthy encasement, and a rubber or polyurea lining for the interior holding the water body of the bond. The structure of a koi pond does not make for a landscape feature. It is more like a swimming pool for the koi fish or a large water tank.

Benefits of Having A Koi Pond in Your Backyard

  • Aesthetic Appeal

One cannot deny the aesthetic value that a koi pond provides for your backyard. It not only makes for a beautiful sight but it also makes for an excellent spot where you can relax and rejuvenate after a hectic day. For people who are constantly craving the outdoors and nature, a koi pond brings a similar stimulating experience within the comfort of your own home. Whether you construct the koi pond yourself or get some professional designers to build one for you, there is no doubt that it is going to make a beautiful addition to your property or backyard. It is a prolific investment for people frequently host parties, barbeques or any other social gatherings as it makes for an exceptional sight for the visitors.

  • Stress Relief

Who wouldn’t like their home to be their personalized sanctuary? Imagine being able to start your day at the beautiful sit of a koi pond or relax after an exhausting bout of work. There is something immensely magical about the sound of water and the life it contains. It has been shown to lower stress levels and provide an emotional release to the individuals. Elevated stress levels have been linked with severe health conditions like hypertension, cardiac diseases, and even depression.

  • Natural Beauty                           

Imagine having a little nature dreamland inside your home. The fun aspect of building a koi pond in your backyard is that you get to add your personal touch to the design and can essentially create a customized natural space for yourself. To add to the visual appeal and ambiance, you can also add mini waterfalls and minimal aquatic plants, like water lilies and poppies, creating a serene environment.

  • Low-Maintenance Pets

It is inevitable that over time, owners tend to grow fond of the little creatures in the pond and become attached to them just like you would to any other pet. The amazing thing about having koi fish as pets is that there is very minimal maintenance and upkeep as compared to a cat or a dog. As they are aquatic beings, koi fish tend to stay outside all-year-around, and there is very little that you have to do as an owner to take care of them.

  • Natural Insect Repellents

A common problem with holding a gathering in a backyard is that the environment is often intruded with bugs, mosquitoes, and insects. These can be a real problem when you are trying to enjoy a nice summer barbeque or cookout. We all know that pesticides are not the ideal option when it comes to getting rid of bugs and insects. A koi pond acts as a natural insect repellent as koi fish tend to feast on the larvae of insects, keeping your environment fresh and clean.

  • Good Luck Charm

Within the Japanese culture, koi fish have been associated with a good fortune and luck. It is believed that these multicolored fish bring different attributes and qualities depending on their particular color. A black colored fish, for instance, acts as a neutralizing medium for bad fortune. A standard total of nine or multiples of nine are used to retract the spiritual benefits of the koi fish.

  • Added Property value

If you know that you will be selling your property at some point or it is something that is there at the back of your mind, a real state dealer will tell you that having a koi pond in the backyard elevates the market value of your property. The visual aesthetics and appeal of a koi pond entice the potential buyers to decide on lucrative price points.  

If you have been on edge trying to figure out whether a koi pond is the right choice for you or not, we hope this guide helped you clear out any doubts. The value that a koi pond provides in your life is unparalleled, and it is something that everyone needs to experience. In a world where we are drifting farther and farther away from nature and its magnificence, having a koi pond in your backyard is going to give you a sense of harmony and bring you closer to the mother nature.

Author Bio Joseph Carey has been working as a marine biologist and a wildlife author for the past twenty-five years. He has a wide knowledge of the koi pond installation near me and has published several journals dedicated to wildlife research and education.

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