What is collaborative law? | Applying Greencard for parents

Applying Greencard for parents
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US citizens can apply for parents Green cards. This article talks about the process of applying for Greencard for parents and also what is collaborative law.

Applying Greencard for parents 

You can request a Green Card for your parents when you’re a U.S. resident and is 21 years old or older. The Green Card is an immigration permit that allows U.S. citizen’s parents to become legal permanent citizens of the country. The total of parent Green Cards granted each year is unlimited. In most cases, the approval procedure requires about a year.

Learn more about applying for a Greencard for parents.

What is the process of applying Greencard for parents?

  • Step One 

Check to see if the law considers your parents qualified and or not.

Your parents must be competent and permissible to the United States to obtain a Green Card.

The conditions for obtaining a parent Green Card are relatively straightforward. A parent of a U.S. citizen must be the citizen’s legal parent to apply for permanent residency in the United States.

  • Step 2 

Prepare a petition for your parent’s immigration (the “beneficiary”)

You’re ready to file an immigration application on the parent’s behalf now that you’ve checked their eligibility and admissibility. For applying Greencard for parents, complete Form I-130, Request for Foreign Relative.

  • Step 3

Gather evidence that you and your parents have a “valid relationship.”

Once you demonstrate that your parent is your parent, US Immigration and Citizenship Services will usually accept the I-130 request.

It will contain your birth cert, including the names of your parents.

  • Step 4

For your parents, fill out a Form I-864 Affidavit of Support.

You (the Supporter) will have to submit Form 1-864, Affidavit of Support in favor of your parents, when you have gathered all of the necessary documentation to show that you have a qualified relationship with your parent. 

You require Form I-864 to demonstrate that you are willing to financially help the Green Card applicant (the parent) such that your parents don’t have to depend on the US government after they become a Green Card owner.

  • Step 5

 Assist your parents with the documentation for their Green Card request.

It’s time to assist them with the paperwork for their Green Card submission. To register for legal residency for your parents, you have two options. Whether or not the parent is now living in the United States will determine the direction to follow and the documentation needed.

  • Step 6

 Fill out any additional paperwork required for your parent’s Green Card filing.

If the parent is filing for a Green Card from within the United States, they may be eligible for extra benefits to assist them as they queue for USCIS to accept their application. Your parents should request valid permission to work in the United States.

While applying greencard for parents, they will request permission to re-enter the United States with no visa.

  • Step 7

Your parents go through a medical examination and receive Form I-693.

Your parents must have a medical test, including the required vaccines, from an American medical practitioner, according to USCIS.

  • Step 8

File your parent’s Green Card request documentation

It’s now time to gather all of your parent’s papers, including forms, required documents, and registration charges, and send them to the US government!

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative law is a modern approach to resolving legal conflicts that prevent the use of conventional courtrooms.

Instead of taking legal action, each party decides to have a series of sit-down meetings between the participants, their lawyers, and some number of specialists and counselors specialized in the dispute’s subject matter. 

Good faith is the cornerstone of the collaborative law process. Parties can settle complex problems that would otherwise result in costly and time-consuming proceedings by pursuing a joint instead of an adversarial approach. Click here to read more about collaborative law.


What is collaborative law? It is a modern approach to resolving legal conflicts that prevent the use of conventional courtrooms. For applying greencard for parents, You must prove that they are your legal parents. It may include your birth certificate.

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