What Types of Personalized Boxes Can be Recycled?

Custom Recyclable Eco-Friendly Boxes, What Types of Personalized Boxes Can be Recycled
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Custom cardboard reed diffuser boxes proved much more practical than we imagined. It raised the packaging sector to a new level. Hundreds of various shapes, sizes, styles, and patterns are available at Fast Custom Boxes.

  • They can dramatically modify your reed diffuser’s appearance.
  • This packaging is ideal for capturing the attention of buyers.
  • The most effective business identity technique.

Create them to your specifications to ensure that each custom reed diffuser boxes has a different design. This identifies the brand of your company on store shelves.

As we know, reed diffusers are almost every house’s most common thing. It makes them the market’s widest-spreading product. Despite being packed in rigid reed diffuser boxes, most brands know little about their types, designs, and applications.

Save money and grow your business.

The most beneficial aspect of using cardboard items is recycling. Buying Kraft bespoke reed diffuser boxes in quantity helps you save even more on your purchase. For all these reasons, it is often considered one of the most attractive packing solutions worldwide.

What exactly is a carton?

Cardboard boxes are prefabricated. This is now produced on a massive scale at the industrial level. They are typically utilized in reed diffuser packing and transit from one site to another. They are reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

Cardboard production phase

We make them using natural materials like recyclable pulp. In this process, we transform the tree into pulp. Then we prepare a thin sheet of paper from the pulp.

The thickness of the personalized reed diffuser boxes can be adjusted depending on the material you choose to use. You can make anything from thin Kraft to thick corrugated reed diffuser boxes depending on your requirements.

Differences between different carton types

Custom rigid reed diffuser boxes are the most widespread objects in any household. They are broadly divided into numerous types of shapes, based on their usefulness, strength, and long-term durability.

  1. Corrugated carton (Also known as a Corrugated Board)

Making materials for custom reed diffuser boxes. Glue them between two straight liner boards and fold the two parts together. We perforate the horizontal edges of the material and chemically treat the vertical edges of the material to boost compression strength.

Multi-wall materials

This form makes it particularly suitable for packing and delivering a wide range of reed diffusers. You can process corrugated boards to generate single, double or triple-walled packaging materials.

The third choice, however, is the most durable. We can make them from three corrugated media that we bind together and sandwich between four liner boards.

All the top brands utilize this material to produce the most lasting and least expensive custom reed diffuser boxes. You can use them to deliver products.

  1. Rigid reed diffuser boxes

For hardbound book covers, shoe boxes, mobile phone packaging, puzzles, and other products, we use rigid Kraft. Using an adhesive between each Kraft layer, we mostly press the Kraft paper sheets together. Until we reach our desired thickness.

Then we push repeatedly till we reach the appropriate thickness. You may print a robust board for a unique look. You can use it to construct unique reed diffuser boxes. Which we typically use to package diffuser reeds.

  1. Pepping

Folding board, chipboard and boxboard are all words used to describe this product. It’s rather thin, with a smooth outside cover. We utilize this kind of packaging for retail packaging when the surface must be printed somehow.

It can be used to make unique containers for a range of products, including cosmetics, cereals, fragrances, food, and drinks. Despite being flexible, it offers an outer layer of water resistance. Susceptible to crushing underweight or pressure.


There’s a misperception about recyclable cardboard varieties. Cardboard recycling is a reasonably straightforward technique that everyone can do. All kinds are readily recyclable. High-quality materials are recyclable in the packaging industry.

Because most of the fibers have already been treated. By implementing this strategy, pollution processes are reduced by 95%.

Which boxes are not recyclable?

Your box is dry and clean, though. You should be able to throw it away in the recycling bin without any problems. Wet or oily, custom reed diffuser boxes cannot recycled. Examples are pizza boxes, fast-food containers, etc.

Waxing Substances:

Polluted rigid reed diffuser boxes block the sorting machine and degrade the process’s best-quality material. You can also use various sorts of boxes, such as small boxes like juice packaging or cartons with a wax covering or a similar substance. They negatively influence their recycling capabilities.


Therefore, always check them for the recycling sign before dumping them in the recycling bin. Remove from the boxes any plastic liners, bags or even greasy corrugated bits. Recycling is a straightforward process. If you know the basics of recycling, you’ll find recycling programmers have a promising future for future generations.

Check local recycling facility regulations:

In addition, there are a few other circumstances when paperboard customized reed diffuser boxes cannot be recycled. Regulations vary based on where you’re. Therefore, it’s best to double-check your local recycling center or the government’s guidelines and restrictions.

Some collectors will not accept moist boxes. This is due to moisture weakening the cardboard fibers. It makes custom reed diffuser boxes less helpful for recycling.

Overweight is often unacceptable:

It also adds extra weight to packaging that centers don’t want to pay for since it increases their prices. If you can’t recycle your cardboard garbage, you can find some alternate applications at home.

Take, for example, composting. You can use this item in your compost pile. This type of handmade reed diffuser box may also use to line your garden beds or to suppress weeds. You can also repurpose them for various reasons. Such as transport, storage, or new crafts.


Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are the most versatile packing materials available to build your bespoke diffuser boxes. Recycling capacity is vital to custom boxes’ commercial viability. At Fast Custom Boxes, these custom printed boxes minimize producer costs while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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