What your Physical Therapist near you can do that your Family Doctor Can’t

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Traditionally, you would sustain severe injuries due to playing, falling, or even an accident. Your first thought would likely be to call your doctor. In today’s age, you may not find them to be the best option, especially when it involves musculoskeletal injury. They are likely to recommend you to run some tests, X-rays and eventually advice you to see physical therapists near you. Physical therapy is a form of non-surgical treatment related to the spine, disc disease, whiplash, and even other disorders. PT is the best form of treatment that includes medication along with spinal injections occasionally. Furthermore, you need to be actively involved in the therapy session if your professionalist recommends it. Here is everything you need to know about therapy, sessions, and why to seek one. 

They assess your risk and cure it on time.

The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ lies here! When you seek advice post-injury, even if there were no scars or bleeding occurred. You are one step ahead to fighting any discomfort of spinal pain that may arise in the later stage. 

A physical therapist will evaluate your body and check if there are chances of sprain, strain to the muscles or arms after injury. With that, they will vigorously work on aligning your body, back and reducing your risk of internal injuries. 

You notice that you are experiencing pain after the accident, and that is when the professionalist will come into the picture.

Individual Routine Workout

Your doctor may recommend you with some painkillers, it will eventually subside your pain, but sooner or later, it will show up. You are through the medication of painkillers, only reducing the pain and not removing it from the root. 

The actual reason for your pain could be due to a crack in the bone, or severe injuries, cuts, and more. A physical therapist will recommend you exercises for postures, strength, flexibility, and joint mobility too. 

They will develop a specific exercise routine that will get you back to doing the regular movements. If you ever need personal training sessions, they are very qualified and capable of helping you reach your fitness goal. 

Successful Recovery Rate

Well, the best part of letting a professional physical therapist near you handle your problem is they can reduce your pain and accelerate your recovery rate. They have various techniques and treatment plans that they follow on you before any surgical procedure happens. 

This hands-on manual therapy like mobilization, massage, cupping, even stretching, and manipulation will make a significant difference. There is another advanced therapy session too, which is taken into consideration when you are going through something way serious. 

The treatment plan for such cases includes electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cold packs, and even cold water. Once the pain is low, they will advise you on regular exercise, which will eventually recover sooner. 

How long does it take?

One general question often asked a physical therapist near you! It is understandable, since you want your everyday life back, free from exercise, free from appointment, it seems to be a discomfort in your daily routine. You want to walk freely, run smoothly, jump and stroll around like a free bird. Even your spine surgeon near you won’t have an answer to this since every case differs distinctively, and the timeline is not known. 

If you are regular, you might see a quick recovery too! This won’t happen if you skip therapy sessions; you need to be attentive and regularly. It might take one week or two weeks if the case is medium complex. However, if the pain and injuries are severe, the chances are you need to attend a few therapy sessions. It eventually will do good for you. 


A physical therapist near you will help you a lot better than your regular doctor. They have experience, skills, and also resource to help you get done with any complications ever. At Injured Care, you will be able to get the right professional on board to treat you. Hire the right one and get rid of the complicated health risk you might face in the future. 

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