Why AdvancedMD EMR is one of the best in the industry

Why AdvancedMD EMR is one of the best in the industry
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Every healthcare organization has unique workflows. There is not a single magic rule that works for every facility. Medical providers have now begun to take the necessary measures to improve the quality of patient care. Switching to the right EMR solution in your practice is one of the most important steps you can take. However, you should understand that no single-purpose software solution can offer enough flexibility to meet your specific requirements. We have put together this article to go over the reasons why AdvancedMD EMR is one of the best-of-breed Health IT solutions that enable practitioners to deliver the best patient care possible. So let’s start!

What do you need to know about AdvancedMD EMR?

AdvancedMD offers a cloud-based, mobile-forward health recording solution that is designed primarily for healthcare facilities and medical organizations. This platform offers enough flexibility to cater to the needs of most organization’s workflows. It is robust, feature-packed and suitable for practices of any size or scope. The software is intended for use on the go, on phones or tablets, but you can also install it on any desktop setting. 

This easy, all-inclusive EHR software solution can save physicians a lot of time, reduce errors, and facilitate seamless communication between patients and providers. Therefore, after studying this product thoroughly, we can conclude that AdvancedMD is one of the most highly acclaimed software solution providers. 

A number of healthcare practices use it to:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Increase patient traffic
  • Manage appointments
  • Chart patient health
  • View patient information
  • Automate billing
  • Administer telehealth

According to AdvancedMD EMR reviews, it offers flexible and customizable patient encounter documentation that allows users to configure documents based on their individual work style or clinical approach. Users can also customize note layouts using the visual note designer, whereas transcription and third-party speech tools enable them to enter notes according to their desired workflows. 

Why should you consider implementing AdvancedMD?

We have listed below all the solutions that the software offers to help you optimize daily workflows:

  • Patient Engagement:  

The software offers a patient portal that enables patients to actively participate in their care process and stay informed throughout. This feature improves patient satisfaction and experience. 

  • Secure Document Exchange: 

It keeps patient healthcare information both secure and easily transferable. This includes everything from patient health data, to prescriptions, and more. 

  • Synchronized Workflows:

AdvancedMD comes with customizable templates and integrate-able features. It efficiently connects the entire practice with a number of departments, labs, and pharmacies to optimize your daily workflows. 

  • Reputation Management: 

The AdvancedReputation management feature allows you to manage your online surveys and patient feedback. Product reviews can help you rank your facility in comparison to other healthcare facilities in the industry. 

  • Revenue Management

The software solution comes with an extensive range of revenue management tools. It also allows users to treat more patients in a single day without sacrificing the quality of care, leading to increased revenue. 

  • Mobility:  

Mobility is one of the most important features for healthcare facilities. It offers applications for iPad and iPhone users. This helps physicians to provide patient care anywhere, anytime. 

  • Scheduling:

The scheduling solution of this software allows practice staff to set appointments on a colour-coded calendar that can be organized by location, physicians, or other custom filters. Moreover, staff can register new patients to make sure that the existing information is up to date. 

  • Reporting:

The reporting tool offers advanced capabilities and provides valuable insights into a practice’s financial performance, clinical statistics, and daily tasks. 

  • Flexible Features:

Secure patient messaging, telehealth and patient portals offer clinicians the flexibility they need to treat their patients without any constraints of location or accessibility.

Overview of benefits: User reviews

Based on top AdvancedMD Software reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this product.

  • It allows users to create custom medical plans so they can manage certain conditions based on patient diagnosis, age, and lab results, with alerts automatically generated for appointments, recalls, prescription refills, and lab orders. 
  • This software maintains MACRA, MIPS, and HIPAA compliance, as well as monitors, controlled substance prescriptions. 
  • You can also track patient health over the time with the help of automatically-populated custom flow sheets. These also come with table or graph summaries of changing factors, such as vital signs, weight, medications, and treatments. 
  • With a number of electronic features and tools like patient portals and e-prescribing, healthcare providers can boost efficiency and cut costs. 
  • It is designed around simple yet versatile point-and-click interfaces that make it easier for physicians to navigate. 
  • Practice staff can upload documents into this software and attach them to patient records, with support for multiple file types, including Word documents, JPG, PDFs, BMP, and TIF files, as well as various video and audio file types. 
  • This platform enables users to design their own note layouts and customize patient charts according to their own preferred work style. 
  • Patient healthcare data can be transmitted electronically to immunization, public health, and cancer registries while the transition of care can be handled through the sharing of clinical information with outside entities. 

Pricing details

There are various flexible AdvancedMD pricing models. The vendor values a comprehensive EHR and offers promotions and discounts regularly. We have listed the basic two pricing models here. You can select whichever one fits you the best. 

  • Per Provider/Per Month Model
  • Encounter-Based Program – You are required to “pay per encounter.” This model is the most suitable for smaller practices. However, it does not include monthly minimums.

Customer support service

The software support is included as a part of their basic pricing package and also includes a 24/7 help desk, which makes its customer service department stand out among others. 

Final thoughts

What makes AdvancedMD EMR so popular – its robust features and flexible navigation. But it has a steep learning curve, so the training during implementation is a must. All in all, this cost-effective platform is one of our top picks and among the most comprehensive EMR systems, we have reviewed so far.

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