Why email marketing is important for small businesses?

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Marketing has also started to adopt rocket science technologies to bring in better results. Still sending important notifications or information through email still remains relevant. It does not depend on how big or small of an organization you are a part of, handling emails is an integral part of your curriculum. So if you are not using the platform of email for marketing then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers or clients. Email marketing is the new age marketing mantra.

But the confusion may strike you whether email marketing is that much effective or not. Let me clear out all your confusions, email marketing has so much to explore from which you can benefit from. But I know it’s not easy to take you out from such a dilemma so without wasting any further time let’s see some specific reasons that why one should not let go of this opportunity.

But for this lets first understand what exactly is email marketing. The concept behind email marketing is very much as its name suggests. When we use an email platform for promoting products or services and also developing relationships with your clients and consumers as well. There are so many perks directly or indirectly associated with email marketing that you would not have ever thought about.

So whenever a company sends out an email which is not about their previous orders or a response to a query, then that email is considered to be a part of the email marketing strategy. Email marketing is a kind of internet marketing and the only difference here is that one uses his or her email to send any data or message for promotion. It is equally effective as the newly emerged internet marketing techniques like marketing via websites, blogs, social media, etc.

What all email marketing consists of? So majorly email marketing consists of newsletters with mentioned updates whatsoever new is going on in the company. So let’s say you are the assigned person to take care of the email marketing section of an e-commerce firm. Now the company has announced a flat 50% discount on all its merchandise due to the festive season. But now the onus lies on you to how to promote this new discount notification to most of the possible customers.

Why email marketing is important for small businesses?

This is an obvious fact that one cannot cover all of them just through social media or through posting it directly on the website. Sending direct emails to the customers works for any kind of customer or client. As already people go through their emails on a daily basis as it is the major professional source of contact, it gives the marketers a good opportunity to reach up to their audience. These emails can be portrayed as a general message from the company’s behalf such as a gentle reminder. Like in this case you can see the email has been sent to a customer informing him about a coupon code that might compel the customer to look for it. This is because it will sound to him or her that the coupon has been customized and will attract the attention for sure.

Why email marketing is important for small businesses?

But to nail the concept of email marketing, one should be preparing itself with some of the pre-requisites-

–         Email list– A properly designed list of email addresses to which the email has to be sent is a very crucial step.

–         Calls to action– A compelling call to action plays as a crucial component to convert the emails sent in the process of email marketing.

–         Identity-based PPC Ads– Composing product-based marketing emails with the help of PPC Ads results out to be miraculous.

–         GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) – This is equally necessary as previously mentioned. So basically it tracks users according to their Gmail account activity.

Compiling such simple steps into email marketing, one can excel a lot in a small business. If all these together are implemented in a proper sense you might not need any other kind of marketing other than this.

But to eat the real fruits of benefits of email marketing, consolidating the personalization and customization factors in the right sense is really very important. Sticking to the old techniques and scripts in the emails will not help your business to sustain the new age competition. Giving a personal touch to your emails will help you in connecting with your users in so much a better way.

To help you and your company to reach those desired results, there are now dedicated Business email hostingoffered by almost all the leading hosting providers. These hosting providers just rent out spaces in the form of email servers to its users. The best part is that this feature is most of the times given out for free with the whole website hosting package. You can surely take full advantage of it and enjoy the benefits of email marketing.

Wherein other marketing techniques also need a higher investment as compared to email marketing. Let’s take SEO for example which calls for a separate department of experts that will end up spending a whole lot of investment to maintain a team of experts like this. On the contrary, email marketing does not call for such expertise. This is because it’s been ages since humankind has been using emails as the sole mode of professional conversation. They just need to be a little more modified in the ways they can use email resources.

Hence, you might have understood that email marketing stays relevant for any age and group. It just needs a strategical approach and a little bit of expertise. Within no time you will start observing miracles happening in your small business. Thus it would be best to conclude that email marketing is the best and effective way of connecting to the customers.

  • What role does personalization play in email marketing?

As we have already studied that giving a personalized touch amplifies the overall impact of email marketing. Like incorporating male merchandise and sending them to female email accounts is just a waste of time. It would be better if a little bit of research has been performed before sending emails to unnecessary accounts that might not end up in any profit. Keeping a regularity in the newsletter section and sending them to the right set of audience.

  • Who takes care of the email marketing if there are not much experts?

There are so many email software available in the market just to take care of your promotional emails and scheduling them. Such software is so intelligent that it very efficiently filters out people who have already purchased the product you are promoting. It also helps you in the selection of a particular set of users whose probability of converting into actual customers is very close to 1.

  • Can you explain the relevance of email marketing through a real-life example?

A very good example or application that is adopted by the restaurant or café owners. The personalization strategy kind of works best for them. They send discount emails to users whose birthdays or anniversaries are upcoming. It is basically serving a deal on the plate for which they might have already searched for

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