Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

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PHP is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most widely used web development languages. As known by many, Laravel is the most popular framework, that is used along with PHP. This article focuses on why and how did Laravel gained the popularity that it did, in the short span of time it had.

The most important function in the initial stages of development of software is choosing the most appropriate framework. Even though there exist a few general factors that are involved in the process of you making a decision, such as popularity, experience and expense. There still exists certain third-party integrations, which needs your attention. Few of which are, deployment, third-party integrations and testing.

The constantly increasing popularity of the Lavravel PHP framework has made the decision to hire Laravel developers, by many companies, so much easier. The popularity of Laravel is further evident from the fact that presently it contains around 45000 stars in the repositories of GitHub.

This blog focuses on why spending money on Laravel development services is a wise decision. It deals with the reasons why this framework comes equipped with everything that a particular application requires. However, before dealing with the advantages, it is important that you are informed in more detail.

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework, which is open-source in nature, which automatically points towards the fact that it can be modified whenever the developer wants to based on customer needs and requirements. It was originally developed by Taylor Otwell as a replacement to CodeIgniter, which was a very popular framework before the introduction of Laravel into the market. The architectural patterns of Laravel are hugely based on Symfony.

The humongous popularity that larval enjoys today originally came after the release of version 3. It consisted of new features like support for database migrations and system and a command-line interface named Artisan.

Two stable versions of Laravel released in the year 2018, versions 5.6 and 5.7 in the months of February and September.

Laravel Provides You Consistency

Hiring a Laravel development company is a later question, how about if you are having to develop software without the assistance of any framework. You will have to face a large number of problems in a situation like that, the most common of those problems is that when your application will become popular, you will need to hire more developers to maintain the application.

Hiring new developers automatically means that they will have to be trained, which will involve a lot of time and money. Laravel makes sure that you never have to worry about a situation like this.

Laravel drastically reduces the hassle involved in hiring a group of developers. When you are making use of Laravel as a framework, it is obvious that you will hire Laravel developers, who will have the experience and expertise of working with the framework. This will make sure that consistency is maintained in the functioning of your company.

Finally, we arrive at that party of the blog where the advantages of Laravel will be talked about.

Why is Laravel Perfect?

  • User Authentication

Laravel comes with the in-built feature of user authentication. This feature is extremely crucial in today’s times, as a user needs to be authenticated properly for security concerns. Laravel helps you to create sections in an app like user model, login controller and register. These sections obviously can be modified by the developers depending upon the business needs of the application.

  • Artisan Console

Laravel comes equipped with its own command-line interface named Artisan. Useful features of this interface are management of database migrations, publishing package assets, generating and seeding boilerplate code for migrations, models and new controllers.

  • Extensive File System

Laravel comes equipped with support for the cloud storage system, like Rack space and Amazon S3. Additionally, all the existing systems make use of the same API, which makes it seamless shifting from one system to another.

  • Scheduling of Tasks

Scheduler is a relatively recent functionality added to Laravel. It was introduced in the 5.0 version of the framework. It functions quite similarly to the utility named Artisan command-line, which programmatically schedules periodically executed tasks.

  • Testing

As far as testing of a particular application is concerned, Laravel comes equipped with tests by default, which prevents regression in the framework. Laravel also simplifies the integration of a PHP unit as a testing framework.


All of the above features of Laravel mentioned, in the above article are suitable and applicable for all kinds of web development needs and requirements.

It also eases down the job of developers, as it comes equipped with a huge array of tools that they can make use of during the process of development.

The above features are the reasons why Laravel is still growing exponentially in popularity. Laravel is also well-known for its excellent community support. If you want to build a high-quality application for your business, then Laravel is any day the ideal option for you. Laravel is predicted to get even better with the updates it receives on a regular basis.

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