Why People Are Afraid To Advance With Third-Party Adoption?

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When people decide to adopt; others try to convince that it is the worst decision of their lives. To achieve this goal; they tell them about the disadvantages of the procedure. But the information they pass on about the Third Party Adoption is based on a false assumption.

What Can Be Understood By Third Party Adoption?

To put it simply the adoptive parent of the child is neither a relative nor a step-parent. Both the parties are interacting directly only private adoption lawyers are involved in the process to help in the legal procedure. This process takes longer than other types because of the strict Georgian laws.

Eligibility For Third Party Adoption

The couples or individuals who want to adopt a child in the state of Georgia have to be qualified with the below-mentioned requirements;

  1. The unmarried person has to be 25 years or older.
  2. If adopting an older child then the candidate must be 10 years senior.
  3. Only permanent residence of Georgia is capable to adopt.
  4. The adoptive parents have to be stable mentally, financially, physically and emotionally to nurture the child.

Parental Right Renunciation And Consent Of The Child

Like all other adoption types in the Third Party Adoption in Georgia state, the birth parents have to renounce their rights as parents and all other legal rights. Also the child when reaches the age of 14 has to give his/ her approval to the adoption.

Reasons For People’s Fear

A prominent cause of fear in people about the adoption is that they don’t understand the process very well. Another element that influences the anxiety in people is that there is no proper agency involved, but they forget that without adoption lawyers the adoption is impossible.

Affordable For The Wealthy People

The price and fee of adoption range from extremely expensive to a normal amount. This diversity is available so that everyone can afford to adopt. The candidates can get in touch with their lawyers to know the techniques to afford the adoption.

No Children Are Left For Adoption

Although people prefer to adopt babies not all are adopted. Also, some children are under the category of young child and toddlers who are still waiting to be adopted. Many teenagers are left as people think that they are difficult to handle.

Unmarried Are Unsuitable

It is a common misconception in the society that single individuals are the most unsuited to become a parent; so because of this fear they don’t adopt. But on the contrary, the unmarried are the most financially stable to adopt according to adoption lawyers like Tom Tebeau.

The Adoption Process Takes Very Long

People have spread a big wrong idea that adoption takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years to adopt a child. This is an enormous misunderstanding because it takes 6 months or at least 1 year time. If it does take longer then it means that there have been complications in the procedure.

Older People Are Unfit To Adopt

It is mentioned in the eligibility section of the discussion that all can adopt; this means even older people are fit. When people reach 50 years; they require someone to take care of and accompany them. So adoption is the best solution for their loneliness and care.

The Feeling Of Adoption Is Not Real

People fear that they will fell no emotions for the adopted child as they should for their own. In the beginning, there is a drift between the parents and the child. But as time passes and both spend time together; this awkwardness goes away.

Only Domestic Adoption Is The Best Option

The word domestic has a broader meaning as domestic can be understood by adopting within the state and also in the boundaries of the country. So the question here arises is which kind of domestic adoption are you taking; interstate or intra-country?

Adoption Is Only For Straight Couples

There are a few adoption lawyers who are extremely religious and don’t believe that other than straight couples should adopt. But if you are the other type then have no fear the laws of Georgia state allows gay couples to adopt a child and the children do very well with their parents.

Adopted Children Involve In Criminal Activities

This point is misunderstood because it has been seen that the children who grew up with their biological parents have become involved in crimes and other activities. But the ones who were adopted grew up to be extremely successful.

The Adoptive Parents Can’t Choose

It is no true because when the candidates for adoption; they mention the race, ethnics and country. The lawyers try to find children within these parameters. Adoptive parents can adopt children that belong to other race and even religion.

The Relative Of The Child Can Reclaim

Once the rights of parents have been renounced in the Third Party Adoption there is no way that the relatives can reclaim the child. So don’t worry that the child is going back to the biological family after being adopted.

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