Why Should you Switch to VPS Singapore from Shared Hosting?

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Shared Hosting is the cheapest and basic server hosting plan. Most new websites begin their journey with Shared Hosting. Although it’s the least expensive, Shared Hosting isn’t long-term in its services. With Shared Hosting, a single physical server is used by several users. It’s unable to provide the speed, uptime, or reliability like an independent server. 

The best alternative to Shared Hosting is the VPS Singapore. Here you will get an independent server with resources completely dedicated to your website. For Small Businesses or High Traffic Blogs, Singapore VPS is the most suitable and cost-friendly option. With Cheap VPS Singapore from Serverwala, you can easily grow your website and ensure super-fast speed, zero downtime, and unbeatable security. 

Know more about the disadvantages of Shared Hosting and the benefits of Singapore VPS Hosting for your website. 

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

The reason why we are asking to choose VPS Singapore in place of Shared Hosting is that it has various disadvantages that may impact your website’s long-term growth. Check out all the Cons of Shared Hosting given below. 

With Shared Hosting you will get limited access to resources due to multiple server users. The performance of the website slows down when the resources are exhausted. 

  • If you encounter a rise in your web traffic, Shared Hosting may not be able to handle it. Further, the website speed is also impacted when any of the neighbouring websites shows a traffic spike.
  • In Shared Hosting there is a risk of security breach too. Numerous users share the server space, resources and have a common IP address. 
  • Frequent Downtime is a major issue with Shared Server. Repeated server errors occur when traffic increases or server resources become overloaded. 
  • Lastly, with Shared Hosting, you neither get the administrative control of the server nor you may customize the server configurations. 

How VPS Singapore can improve your Website Performance?

VPS Singapore provides multiple benefits that are similar to a Dedicated Server. It comes at a slightly high price from Shared Server, however, the extra cost paid for investing in a VPS Service is completely worth it. Read the points given below to know-how!

Improved Reliability

The reliability of a website depends on its uptime, loading speed, security, and user experience. Customers are more likely to purchase from a fast and reliable website as compared to a spammy-looking website. 

With VPS Singapore you will get a private server with independent resources. It will ensure your website has almost zero downtime and super-fast loading speed providing the best-in-class user experience to the visitors. 

Choice of Software

With VPS Hosting you can easily choose and install the software you need on your server. Unlike Shared Hosting you need not rely upon the Softwares provided by the web host. Further, you also get the option to choose between Linux and Windows VPS Singapore. 

Root Level Control

With Singapore VPS Hosting you will be granted Root Access to your server. Using it you easily make changes to the server files. Additionally, you can deploy Software and Server Monitoring Tools for enhancing the performance and security of your website. 

Private Resources

As we described earlier, in Shared Hosting you do not have your independent resources. However, with VPS Singapore, you will get completely private resources. You don’t need to split your share of resources with anyone across the server. Further, only you will have access to your server resources and no one else can clog them up. 

High Level of Security

With VPS Hosting you will enjoy a high level of server security. You will get a Dedicated IP that will ensure protection from Spammy Neighboring Websites. Moreover, for increased security from Hackers and Spammers, you will get DDoS protection, Intrusion Prevention, virus scanning, and removal, etc. 

Easy Scalability

If your business or website is at the growing stage then you must choose a web hosting that allows faster and easy up-gradation of server plan. With Cheap VPS Singapore, you can easily upgrade your server plan or customize the resources according to your needs. 


VPS Hosting is the budget-friendly alternative to a Dedicated Server. It provides you with isolated server resources with high flexibility, security, and uptime. 

Choose Serverwala for Reliable and Affordable VPS Hosting in Germany

Serverwala is the Top Web Hosting Provider with unbeatable features, affordable prices, and excellent support for ensuring superfast website performance of customers. 

Along with Singapore, the data centres of Serverwala are located across 56+ locations in the world. Serverwala has won numerous web hosting awards for its best-in-class uptime and customer support. Furthermore, Serverwala has worked for companies on the Fortune 100 list.

Identify their top features of Singapore VPS Hosting –

  • Full Root Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Superfast Network Bandwidth
  • Choice of Operating System
  • SSD Disk Drives
  • Unique IP Address
  • Easy Scalability
  • Self Service Portal
  • Supermicro’s Chassis
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Further Serverwala ensures complete honesty and transparency in its services with no hidden charges and 7 days money-back guarantee. 

Bottom Line

After knowing about the numerous disadvantages of Shared Hosting and the excellent benefits of VPS Singapore you must have decided to upgrade your hosting plan. With Serverwala’s VPS in Singapore you may avail of the outstanding features of a VPS from a starting price of $10. So, what are you waiting for? Go to https://serverwala.com/singapore-vps and choose your VPS plan now.

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