Why You Should Opt for Organic Food for Your Kids?

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As new parents, one of the most concerning and pressuring jobs you have is to keep them safe and away from harm while keeping them well-fed, well-dressed, and nurtured. We understand that every little thing we do has an impact on how our kid is brought up. Therefore, we are often going out of our ways and making difficult choices to make sure our babies are brought up in the best possible environment and grow up to be the best they can be.

While breastmilk is the best food for newly born babies when they grow up and reach the age of six-seven months, their diet changes to pureed and mashed potatoes. Nevertheless, the actual concern sets in when the babies can finally introduce the babies to solid food. We worry whether what we are feeding our kids is will help them grow up to be the best they can be. The food we choose to feed during the initial stages of childhood helps kids develop physically and mentally. 

In that context, parents and young mothers tend to have concerns and anxiety, especially related to the dangers of feeding young kids chemically-induced and artificially-flavoured food. This is where organic food comes in. As we are increasingly learning about the side-effects of traditionally grown food that uses fertilizers, pesticides, and laxatives, we are gaining awareness about the alternative, i.e., organic food. 

How is organic food any safer and better than traditionally grown food, and is it safe enough to feed young kids?

Let’s take a look:

Organic food market in India

The organic food market in India is proliferating, thanks to the growing awareness of traditional farming methods and their effects on our health. Whether someone is a working parent or stay-at-home parent, they are making conscious choices about the food they bring to the table for the sake of the well-being of their families and themselves. With the growing awareness and more people getting on the organic bandwagon, the organic market in India is bound to grow. 

Why organic?

Organic food is the best alternative to feeding your toddlers and babies, especially in their formative years. The organic lifestyle trend has become a global phenomenon as more people resort to organic food for their kids. One of the reasons people worldwide prefer organic food is that it is bound by strict standards of production, handling, and processing. When you buy organic food online, you can be sure that you are getting precisely what you paid for. 

Unlike traditionally grown food, organic alternative promises optimum products without toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones.

Organic food has lower chemical exposure

Organic farming does not use toxic chemicals such as artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful substances. Instead, organic farmers create their own green fertilizers to keep the soil nourished and the yield healthy and safe. 

Why should one care about organic food?

The chemicals used in traditional farming can make their way to our food and lead us to severe illnesses and diseases. These chemicals can be harmful to adults, let alone the damage they can do to babies and toddlers. The toxic substances found in our food can be traced back to the chemicals used in traditional farming methods. These chemicals can cause a range of ailments, including heart and digestive issues and blocking of nutrient absorption. Babies and toddlers who are regularly exposed to such chemicals can develop a weak immune system and even behavioural problems.

Organic food is rich in nutrients

When you choose organic food for your babies and toddlers, you essentially provide them with better health, nutrition, immunity, and overall development. Since organic food is rich in nutrients and minerals, it is the best choice to nourish your kids.

Organic food tastes better

Organic foods are available in many forms, including cereal, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and packed food. And in all cases, organic food has a better taster than other alternatives. So, organic food is a better tasting and healthier option without artificial preservatives, flavouring, additives, taste enhancers, sugar, and food colouring. 

Most companies that produce food for kids add the substances mentioned above to make the food attractive to children. Not to mention, these substances make children hyperactive and cause health complications. Since organic food is tastier and healthier, you just can’t go wrong by choosing it over other options. 

How to spot organic food?

Organic food comes with a special certification mark from USDA, Indian Organic, or European Standards. If you are in the market for organic food, you must check out this mark before buying any products. 

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