Why You Should Recycle E-Waste Properly – PC DREAMS

Why You Should Recycle E-Waste Properly – PC DREAMS
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People often face issues Regarding their electronic devices. sometimes the device gets damaged or expecting some software related issue but in most of the situation of the case is when the electronic device reaches its end of life and is in a condition to be replaced. what happens in a usual case is that people start looking for a new device and plan on dumping the old wise into the garbage bin. this use and throw mentality have today created a big problem for people around the globe because it has led to a huge increase in electronic waste in the landfills which is causing hazardous damage to the environment and o the earth. which is why we have brought to use this blog – electronic waste recycling Singapore.

The information we recently shared with you is something that is not people are commonly aware of and needs a widespread so that people are aware of what is going on in the environment and what needs to be resolved. electronic Waste has become a concern for countries around the world because tons and tons of electronic waste are generated all over the world which needs to be E recycled and reduced to a great extent. The first thing that we need to do to solve this issue is to bring a big change in our lifestyles because the things we practice in our daily life have to lead us to this situation where we feel that dumping and electronics into the garbage bin is a much simpler method to dispose of it than handing it over to two organisations that it does this process appropriately. 

It is a common practice in which people buy new electronics even when their old device is in a workable position. with the advancement of technology, people are quickly becoming restless towards moving to the new technology even without disposing of the older one properly this is one of the prime reasons why we are facing this crisis when already our environment is facing the after-effects of global warming. it is very important to manage our electronic waste in a proper method to save our environment. 

The reason why we are putting so much emphasis on you to avoid disposing of your electronic waste into the garbage bin is because of the following reasons:-

  • It’s not environmentally friendly: It is no big secret that the hardware of the electronics consists of many harmful chemicals and the presence of materials that if exposed into the soil can harm it to a great extent. 
  • It puts your corporate security at risk:  even if you are looking for a reason which is apart from an environmental concern then we would like to tell you that dumping your old electronics into the landfill causes a great threat to corporate security as well. 

So what could be done to reduce electronic waste generation around the world?

The first thing that you need to know is that electronics are made of two main components that are extremely hazardous if exposed to the environment which is as follows:-

  • Plastics
  • Metals

When you dispose of your old electronics into the landfills what happens is that both plastics and metals break down in ways that can hurt the environment that surrounds them. Grievous damage is done to the water plants soil and also the animals that feed on the plants that grow in that soil. That’s not all these harmful Chemicals also seep into the groundwater and thus reach the human body as well and cause a lot of damage to our body as well.

It is no big secret that plastic does not break down even if it is left for thousands of years into the soil. Even if plastic breaks down It Breaks down in such a way that it turns into Microplastic material Which is extremely harmful to plants, animals, and fish. We, humans, feed on these plants and therefore we are also interested in these microplastics in our body as well. There Have been numerous reports by scientists around the world that have evidence of microplastics in the digestive systems of fish and For a fact humans consume fish. In the reports, it has not been considered a positive aspect although it is yet to discover what effect do microplastic have on human health.

If we consider some of the electronic devices that people usually use those are:-

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Wires
  • Smartphones

And something common in all these electronic devices is that they all contain metals that sit in landfills without being recycled. We need to understand that it is an alarming situation and something that can save our environment from getting polluted by Electronic waste is our practices and awareness. We hope that this blog – electronic waste recycling Singapore creates much-needed awareness regarding this topic.


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