Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid of Old Photos

Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid of Old Photos
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If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you must have a ton of pictures, taken by your parents and other family members, of your childhood and those around you. While these pictures are certainly great for a trip down memory lane, you might have realized that you haven’t touched the pictures in the last ten years or so.

With the pictures just gathering dust, taking up space, and feeling more irrelevant every day, you might be tempted to throw them out. But, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t get rid of old photos just like that.

1. Use a Photo Scanning Service

You shouldn’t get rid of old photos because you can easily take care of all your concerns and have easily accessible pictures at home through a photo scanning service. But what exactly is a picture scanning service? The photo digitizing service offers many benefits.

For instance, where your old pictures may be collecting dust and getting destroyed by environmental reasons, you can get them cleaned and then converted into clear pictures on your laptop. These won’t be as affected by any floods or rain so you can store them for much longer.

Similarly, if it’s the fact that the pictures are taking too much space in your house and are too many to organize by hand, then also the photo to digital service makes an excellent choice. Once they are converted into digital files, you can easily organize them however you’d like by creating custom folders and adding metadata to the image files.  

Make sure to have several copies uploaded to different storage devices or the cloud so that they are backed up and protected (also so that you don’t feel too much guilt even if you get rid of the original copies).

2. Relive Your Childhood

You know how when you are a kid, you couldn’t wait to become an adult and do all the cool things that adults do, even though actual adults around you may be telling you that being a kid is the best?

However, you only realize how right they were when you step into adulthood yourself and are immediately burdened with so many responsibilities. Well, it might be too late to change your mind about adulthood, but it is certainly not too late to relive your childhood.

How do you ask? Through your old photos!

Going through old photos is a great way to jog your childhood memories and relive the best time of your life. Any time your adult life has you too worried or stressed, you can sit down with an old album and laugh and cry as you go through your childhood pictures.

3. Preserve Your Parents’ Memories

You might have tried to throw away the old pictures already, only to face threats and emotional blackmailing from your parents. Well, they aren’t entirely wrong. The old pictures with random strangers may not mean much to you but could be more valuable than gold to your parents.

They might have special connections with those people, and they might have some pictures of their own. So, even if you don’t care as such about preserving your own pictures, you should definitely hold on to your parent’s memories and try to preserve them, for as long as possible.

Especially, if your parents are not with you for any reason, these pictures can help you feel closer to them and help you miss them a tiny bit less.

4. Reconnect Generations

If you have children of your own who aren’t exactly close with your parents and who love to make you tell a million stories every night, this is your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Get the children together with their grandparents, hand them the old pictures and ask them to tell the stories behind them.

This will help your children connect with their grandparents and form a stronger bond. It will give your parents the chance to relive their own stories and adventures and give them a chance to establish a relationship with their grandchildren. Most importantly, it will give you the chance to relax for once while the two generations are busy with each other.

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Final Thoughts

Old pictures can seem like a hassle at times, but they simply hold too much value to be just thrown away like that. If nothing else, you must preserve your old photos by scanning them and converting them into digital copies.

If that seems like too much effort, just put all the photos in a box and send them over to Smooth Photo Scanning. We’ll clean, crop, rotate, and color correct your old photos to create high-quality digital images that you will never tire of viewing.

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