Working Out At Home: Tips For Staying Motivated

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A lot of countries around the world remains in lockdown in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and some of you might find it difficult to keep up with your regular workout routine or have the motivation to exercise at all. 

However, getting some exercise sometimes or on a regular basis will prove really beneficial for your physical health, later on, not to add also helping to reduce some of the stress you may be experiencing. 

Take note, having the time and space to exercise while at home is far easier said than done. Nevertheless, with gyms being closed and people spending little time outdoors, we need to do our best to adjust to our domestic surroundings. 

Have a Dedicated Space in Your Home 

You need to select a space in your household that will be your regular exercise spot. Aside from having space in your home where you can relax and ease your mind, you also need to dedicate an area in your home to work out and have your workout clothes and workout area prepared at night before each day workout. 

That dedicated space will help to remind you to exercise daily and will also be a motivator knowing that area is ready for use and you don’t have to move the furniture. There are so many things you can do with a simple mat or a towel. 

Stop Making Excuses 

Working Out At Home: Tips For Staying Motivated

Excuses shouldn’t be in your vocabulary any more. We believe that anyone can do anything if they focus their minds to it. Challenge yourself to work out at home for 45 days. If you really hate it or cannot do it, then just don’t. But give it a try because it’s one of the most revitalizing things once you’ve got your groove on. 

Arrange the Right Amount of Time For You

When it comes to working out it’s about the quality and not the quantity. If you know how to train at the right intensity and motivating yourself, you can gain a great cardio workout session finish around 20 minutes only. However, if you’re smashing out a weights session to gain serious muscle you should do it to an hour max. 

It’s best to workout in the morning so you can make the most of your energy and to motivate you for the day. Allot some time for your workouts and try to protect that time. It’s recommended that beginners exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes every other day and that regular gym-goers should set a goal of 45 to 60 minutes of exercise every other day. 

Block! Block! Block! 

Working Out At Home: Tips For Staying Motivated

You need to block off time in your actual life or work calendar. If you won’t be able to block out the time, you’ll never make time to work out. You’ll most likely end up doing the other thing. 

Tell Yourself Always That You Have Time 

If you’re serious about working out in your home you need to understand that you have to make time for it. Just think of it, 30 minutes is just 2% off your entire day. This means if you watch Netflix show for 30 minutes, then you can work out for 30 minutes also. 

Involve Your Family or Children 

Working Out At Home: Tips For Staying Motivated

Sometimes it’s better to do exercise with a group of people. Create a small group and everyone should be accountable. You can share with each other what workout you are doing that day or are going to be doing. Then ask if everyone has finished the workouts, etc.

Do the Workout That You’ll Enjoy 

To be motivated, focus on how the workouts will make you feel. It’s crucial that you perform physical activities that you enjoy, instead of feeling as though you need to copy what somebody else is doing. For instance, if you were the type of person that never enjoys running, don’t force yourself to it. If you are able to discover a style of exercise that you love the most and it’s physically possible with space and resources that you have in your own home gym then you’ll be successful on it. 

Having an effective exercise is all about your mindset. If you focus on the endorphin rush and how amazing you’ll feel after, you’ll be more motivated for those exercises. Tell yourself that exercise is such a great way to get those happy hormones flowing and a sure-fire way to provide you with that little boost. 

Push Yourself Harder 

Maybe you need to push yourself a little! One of the problems with working out at home is that you have no one there to actually motivate you harder so you might just have to do it yourself. 

If you’re aiming to lift heavier, push yourself more, and also have a clean form to really see the results. It’s easier than it sounds but you’ll be able to lift heavier if you push yourself knowing that you’ll gain more strength. For you to check yourself if by the end of finishing one set you think it’s easy when you’re either lifting too little or not pushing yourself, but if you feel that you’re exerting more effort and feel tired at the end of the set then you are probably doing it in the right way.

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