Zocdoc Clone – How To Develop A On-Demand Doctors App

Zocdoc Clone- How To Develop A On-Demand Doctors App
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How will a sick patient be immediately able to travel to the healthcare center? Zocdoc app is an effective online platform that enables users to connect with doctors from anywhere easily. Zocdoc app is considered the best Doctor Appointment app with a booking portal allowing each individual to seek the doctor and to book an appointment regarding their requests as early as 24 hours.

Many startups businesses are booming related to healthcare developments. There are many apps specialized in healthcare software development. Firstly, the Zocdoc Clone script has unique functionalities like online booking appointments related to health, virtually connect with professional doctors. In no meantime, it led to more users and admins utilize this healthcare app like Zocdoc Clone App. Let me take you to explore the next level of innovative solutions for an on-demand app like the Zocdoc Clone App. 

The white-labeled application affixed with the latest development technology, our Zocdoc Clone App, aims to provide a vivid interaction with the healthcare professionals and the patients. This Zocdoc Clone app will enrich your healthcare business to the next level. This Zocdoc Clone Script is the right solution, as it comes with an excellent in-built feature like VR in good quality around the world. If you have an accessible innovation for the health seekers, then this Zocdoc Clone App development is the premiere best option made for you.  This Zocdoc Clone Script also enables the doctors, clinics in a beneficiary way serving them with robust, free services to their patients. This Zocdoc Clone app allows you to increase your healthcare business.

Solutions for various healthcare Industries:

  1. Entrepreneurs 
  2. Health centers
  3. Doctors


  • Entrepreneurs:

Planning to grow your healthcare industry, this Zocdoc perfectly supports you to enrich your enterprise. With a speedy development in the healthcare industry is of great advantage for you to avail yourself of a bonus opportunity with the on-demand Zocdoc Clone App. Isn’t it the best time to invest in this fast-developing sector? 

  • HealthCentres:

This also helps large Medical Centers, clinics, hospitals to enrich their business economically with standard service and develop their healthcare industry with an app like Zocdoc Clone app development. 

  • Doctors:

With our best Zocdoc Clone app, it is easy to stay virtually connected with patients with a hassle-free solution while booking appointments. It also includes the latest features for easy access with vivid dashboard options. Launch your Healthcare business right away that is trending in the global healthcare market. 

The features of the Zocdoc clone app

You will be pushed to wonder how easily and creatively this Zocdoc Clone app works. Stay Focused!

Our white-labeled app, like Zocdoc Clone script, comes with a seamless workflow and well-structured applications. 

  • Create Profile/ Registration: The Doctors and Users are quickened to register in the Zocdoc clone app to build their profile.  
  • Doctor’s accessibility: This allows the doctors to choose or set the times when they would be available for the consultations.
  • User Information: There are many relevant categories for the users to fill out. During consultations, these options like age, gender, height, weight, and so on about the users will be displayed to the doctors. 
  • Seek for doctors: Users will quickly seek to locate the doctors in their locality according to the specialties or treatment. 
  • Doctor’s Profile: The Zocdoc app enables the users to view the doctor’s profile to know more about their details like career, area of specifications, achievements, etc.
  • Book an Appointment: The Zocdoc clone app allows the users to meet their doctor at the allotted timings by booking an appointment according to their requirements. 
  • Virtual Consultation:  Once the booking is made, the patients will consult with the doctors via video conferencing at the proper timings for the appointment.
  • Digital Prescriptions: Aftermath of the consultation, the doctors can prescribe the necessary remedies digitally. It functions in a fully secured and confidential manner. 
  • Telemedicine Services: You can access Telemedicine services for your app. Users can purchase the medicine from your app. 
  • Payment Mode: Payment is determined based on the services rendered, and users are allowed to an easier and quicker way from various types of transactions, including cards, electronic payment, and many more.  

Doctor on-demand application & its revenue streams:

Like the Zocdoc app, our on-demand application allows the app’s administrators to quickly earn more through multiple ways. 

  • Commission-based: You’ll be able to find this most popular revenue model, especially in healthcare applications. A fixed percentage of the consultation fee paid for the doctors by the users will be given to the admins. Even the doctors and admins can decide about the fee percentage. 
  • Feature Listing: Admins can also add the feature listing for the doctors for better usage in this competitive world with numerous doctors for the patients’ business. Thus, the admins can serve with striking add-on features. 
  • In-App Advertisement: This type of advertising revenue would benefit you as it is gaining more attention in the market value. Granting space for other businesses to advertise in your app can be an excellent boost for your business. It can also include any healthcare products, services like consultation, therapies, and a lot more.

Overall Glance about this Zocdoc Clone app:

How could you stop yourself from launching your on-demand application like the Zocdoc Clone app when it has impressive features for each category for Admin app, Patient app, Doctors app. The on-demand application provides satisfaction for the entrepreneurs like you to enrich your business digitally.  Around 76% of hospitals have switched to on-demand apps like Zocdoc and Practo, which are highly demanded in the market.

Overall it was calculated that nearly 94% of patients are entirely cured and satisfied with the Doctor Appointment On-Demand app like Zocdoc. The revenue forecast of the Healthcare on-demand apps is estimated to reach 149.3 billion in 2028. Better late than never. To launch this Doctor on-demand app, immediately seek software development instantly. 

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