10 Reasons to Study English in 2023

10 Reasons to Study English in 2023
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English is, at present, is widely spoken by the majority of the inhabitants of all the countries of the world speak it. In addition to being the official language of science, technology or education, among others. For this reason, it is essential to study English in 2023, but in case you still have doubts, today we share 10 reasons that will give you the last push you need. Discover them!

1- It is the most spoken language in the world

Whether natively or as a second language, English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Therefore, if you want to be able to communicate with people from a different country than yours, it will be very useful for you to be fluent in English. Who does not like to travel and be able to learn about other cultures by talking with the locals of the country in question?

2- English opens many doors for you at work level

There is no doubt that if you speak English, you will have better job opportunities. Whether it is being part of the team of a multinational company in your country of origin, or emigrating to an English-speaking country and working in a company of the chosen destination. If you want to prosper at a professional level, start learning English now!

3- You will be able to access a better education

Many master’s, postgraduate and higher education programs require knowing English as an essential requirement. If you want to study abroad to pursue a higher education, you’d better learn English. In addition, much of the published official information is written in this language. Therefore, if you understand English, you will have access to an infinite number of books, publications, scientific, technological, academic, informative articles and information in general that are written in this language.

4- Enrich your cultural baggage

How many songs, movies, plays, books… are originally created in English? An infinity. Mastering this language will allow you to enjoy culture in its purest form. For example? When watching a movie in its original version, you will be able to hear the real voice and intonation of the actors, see the final product without any kind of alteration, hear the jokes and puns that have been specifically designed for each scene, etc. You will see that, once you get used to it, there will be no turning back!

5- Meet people from all over the world

One of the main advantages of speaking English is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Can you imagine traveling to France, the Philippines, New Zealand, Ireland or Hungary and being able to start conversations with its inhabitants? There is no better experience in a country than that.

6- Travel without worries

If you travel abroad and do not speak English, you have probably found yourself in uncomfortable situations more than once: you are lost and do not know how to ask how to get to your hotel, or how to ask the locals for recommendations, ask the price of a product or simply interact with people of other nationalities. Learn English and travel without fear!

7- Challenge yourself and exceed your limits

Challenging our brain with new goals is essential to keep it active and improve our memory. Sign up for an English course and begin to unlock challenges, learn new vocabulary, grammar, expressions, set phrases… Science has shown that speaking at least two languages reduces the risk of suffering from dementia, since our brain ages more slow.

8- Have fun with a new hobby

Who said that studying English is boring? Not at all! The teaching of this language has evolved (and improved) a lot in recent years. Learn while having fun, playing, meeting people with similar interests to yours, etc. It will be your new hobbies!

9- Improve your self-esteem and feel proud of your progress

Few things are more proud than seeing your progress in mastering a second (or third!) language. When you start studying English you will realize how much you improve over time. From not knowing how to say anything to being able to introduce yourself and have an initial conversation in English. Of course, do not get frustrated! Speaking it fluently is not easy, but with effort and dedication you will get it!

10- Live the adventure of your life

Traveling abroad with a goal in mind will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Become part of our family and start studying English in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Malta or Dubai. We promise you won’t regret it!

In short, we can conclude by stating that studying English today is very important. And don’t worry about age! It is never too late to start learning it, in addition, currently you will find an infinite number of resources to be able to improve it little by little. Our advice is that you try to be in contact with the language for as long as possible and, of course, live the adventure of your life in a country where English is spoken. Linguistic immersion is the best way to learn a language in the shortest possible time.

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