10 Easy Plumbing Tips to Tackle Common Issues at Your Home

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The craze for DIY in plumbing is steadily rising in London although it demands high skill sets. General plumbing maintenance on your home needs sufficient time and effort. Every home or building requires a smoothly functioning plumbing, drainage, and heating system.

Small and big issues related to plumbing crop up almost every now and then. Qualified and licensed professionals dealing in emergency plumbing services suggest that you can easily tackle many small plumbing issues yourself when you are aware of how the plumbing system in your home works. This way you save time in sorting out an issue and in addition to that also save the cost of hiring a technically sound plumber.

In the following sections of the blog post, let us discuss some common plumbing tips that may come in handy at any time at your home.

Basic and Essential Plumbing Tips for your Home

  • It is important to know where the main water stop tap is located – Even a minor plumbing issue may trigger indoor flooding damaging both your moveable and immoveable properties. If you care for the paint on your indoor walls, furniture, and carpets it is important to know the exact location of the main water-stop tap in your home. Thus, you can cut off the water supply from the mains preventing indoor flooding. In fact, every adult member in your home must be aware of this to take charge and control any untoward situation.
  • Apply colours to check drainage leaks – Add few drops of any food coloring agent into the toilet’s cistern tank. This is a tried and tested strategy to identify unnecessary water loss resulting from hidden leaks. Check the toilet bowl after about half an hour for stains. If you notice stains, you are dead sure water is escaping slowly because of some minor leaks. Such leaks usually form around the flush valve seal and are easy to fix.
  • Make the habit of checking the water meter dials – When there is no water usage at home and yet the dials keep spinning then you have something important to take care of urgently. Mostly hidden leaks are responsible to land you in these situations. Try identifying any dripping tap or shower faucet in the household. Check the cisterns and toilet bowls for non-stop running water.
  • Maintain some basic plumbing kit at home – Toilet maintenance kits are easily affordable and you can easily replace them along with rubber gaskets yourself without spending money on hiring qualified professionals. Make sure to have these items in your stock round the year because you never know when you may need them.
  • Maintenance of water heater tank – If your budget permits, then get a tank-less water heater or boiler for your home. It reduces your energy consumption bills and saves sufficient amount of money in the long run. Alternatively, if you have an old version of the gadget with a tank attached, you should drain some water from it at least every 6 months to prevent sedimentation and boost energy-efficiency.
  • Avoid commercially manufactured drain-cleaning chemicals – These chemicals are too harsh to reduce the life of your pipes and drains. A plunger is a much better alternative to unclog pipes and drains. To deal with stubborn clogs, make use of a plumbing auger; it is also known as plumber’s snake.
  • Remember that a plunger is a handy tool – A plunger is an efficient tool to manage a range of basic plumbing problems like clogged toilets and sinks that comes at pocket-friendly price. You should have this tool at home without fail.
  • Avoid pipes from being frozen – Leave a small water drip running in winters, especially when the temperatures get extremely lowered. Moving water does not freeze easily and prevents your pipes from being frozen with snow. It is equally relevant to wrap the pipes that run through the exterior walls with some kind of plumbing insulation before winter sets in.
  • Avoid faulty vales – Faulty or non-functional valves are a frequently occurring plumbing issue that costs you lot of money. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure the valves do not get seized or locked up over time. Open every water and drainage valve at home and leave them for some time before closing properly at least once every 6 months to ensure their smooth functioning.
  • Know your local isolation valves – Cutting off the main water supply at home to solve a minor plumbing issue often proves painful. Therefore, it is important to know the local isolation valves in your home plumbing system.

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