Everything About 123Anime: Reviews, Alternatives, Best Free Anime Websites For Streaming & More

Everything About 123Anime
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Anime and Manga have been around for quite some time and have garnered immense popularity among young audiences. The Anime genre has become one of the most-watched genres in the world. But, it is also undeniable that streaming platforms have become pretty expensive too. With an increasing fan following across the globe, people are keen to find new ways of streaming their favourite anime for free.

123anime is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch your favourite anime free of charge. It has a wide variety of content dedicated especially to anime fans. So, what’s the fuzz going around?

Almost everyone has concerns regarding the use of 123anime.com. People want more information about the platform like whether it is safe or not, whether is there extensive buffering or too many ads and much more. Keep reading the article to get your answers.

We’ve screened the platform on certain specified standards to bring you an honest and comprehensive review of 123anime.com.

So, sit back and relax, and keep scrolling down!

What Is 123Anime?

123anime is a website that allows you to stream anime content at high resolution. It is a streaming platform with a huge library of diverse content from movies to web and TV series. 123anime.com offers you more than 150,000 episodes of anime and 20,000 plus manga chapters. Moreover, the website offers you its services for free.

However, it also offers a paid subscription where you won’t be seeing ads anymore. The paid model has better video quality but the free model also offers reasonable video quality.

You can connect to different devices and enjoy watching your favourite anime by visiting 123anime.com. popular.

Why Is 123Anime So Popular?

There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of 123anime far exceeding other platforms. Apart from its vast content library and free-to-stream model, anime fans also like other aspects of this anime-streaming website. For example, the user-friendly interface, high-quality viewing, and buffer-free streaming.

Here are a few more crucial benefits or offerings of 123anime.

Key Features of 123Anime

  1. The website is known for updating its database frequently to provide viewers with more recent content. 123anime has all the new and old anime movies along with recently aired anime series.
  1. The 123anime also has a mobile app for Android users. You can download the 123anime mobile app on your smartphone and stream without any interruption.
  1. You get to choose from a range of video quality options at 123anime. This allows you to watch your favourite anime series at the highest video resolution possible.
  1. Subtitles are available in different languages to allow users to watch and understand the anime in their preferred wording. If you want, you can disable the subtitles at any point in time.
  1. You can also disable ads on the website by opting for paid subscription. This way, you can watch your favourite anime without any interruption.

Is 123Anime Safe?

123anime.com is most likely very secure and reliable as the majority of reviews are pretty much positive. Coming to the question, of whether or not is it a scam, 123anime is widely used and looks legit.

However, some complications need to be addressed. 123anime doesn’t have malicious codes but also lacks an SSL certificate. This means that your information is not encrypted and can be accessed by third parties. All these things create a dilemma of how secure your data is with this streaming platform.

We’ve looked carefully into every aspect, and created this list which highlights the pros and cons of 123anime.com. 

Positives of 123Anime

  • The website has received good reviews and positive feedback from users.
  • 123anime doesn’t contain any malware or phishing code.
  • The website is easy to use.
  • Trusted by Trend Micro and Flashstart.

Negatives of 123Anime

  • Lacks an SSL certificate
  • No many back guarantee
  • Low Alexa rank
  • Anonymous owner

Best 123Anime Alternative Websites To Watch Anime Online

123anime is a great website to stream high-quality anime but we would want you to have other options in hand too, just in case, the website is shut down.Furthermore, 123anime has very strict policies regarding copyright infringement.

You can find and watch anime online by using platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Funimation. These streaming platforms have an endless collection of free anime and most of them offer their services for free.

We have listed the 10 best free anime websites that offer a vast selection of critically acclaimed anime movies and series in their original uncensored form.

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Funimation
  3. Netflix
  4. Hulu
  5. AnimeFreak
  6. io
  7. to
  8. AnimeLab
  9. Anime Planet
  10. Tubi TV

Is 123Anime Legal Or Not?

123Anime is a trusted anime streaming website that is legally compliant with the streaming norms. It offers users millions of anime movies and series with subtitles at a high video resolution. You can use the website to stream anime without having to pay a single penny for a subscription. It also has a paid subscription service but the free one is good enough for everyone.

As it caters to the needs of users and offers all the right features, it can be considered a legal website. Having said that, you must know what you’re signing in for before you start using the platform. All and all, 123anime is legal to use and stream on. 

How To Download Anime From 123Anime?

Users can also download and save anime on their devices to watch later. This feature comes in handy when you’re travelling or you don’t have an internet connection. Here’s how you can download the anime on your smartphone.

  • First, visit the official website of 123anime.com and download the latest version of 123anime APK.
  • Now, wait till the app gets installed on your android smartphone phone. Launch it to start streaming anime.
  • You can download anime while streaming which will automatically be sent to the downloaded file of the app.

Wrapping Up!

The Japanese animation or anime that was created with the utmost perfection and sheer dedication are now getting their due recognition. It has garnered fans from all over the world and has become one of the most-watched entertainment content on streaming platforms. Anime is known for its impactful story line, over-the-top action, wonderful characters, and visual spectacles.

They beautifully capture and highlight the theme of human life and emotions, along with comedic relief and life lessons. Now, with an increasing number of platforms like 123anime that allow you to watch different types of anime online.

We’ve already listed the best anime streaming websites and their alternatives for you to check out and enjoy the experience of viewing. Go ahead and watch free anime!

Thank you for reading!

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