Is Pakistan A technology Friendly Country?

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Recently, the Pakistani president said that it is essential for Pakistan to prepare for the future and take timely decisions regarding the digitalization of the country. According to the president, technology is the only way for the country to make strides and contribute to the IT revolution taking over the world. 

According to the latest technology news in Pakistan, amidst the Digital Government Summit, Mr Alvi said that if Pakistan continues to make fast and effective decisions to join the world’s global digital journey, it can only be catapulted to the world of tomorrow.

This Digital Government Summit was held at Aiwan-e-Sadr. It was themed as “Innovative technologies on transforming the public sector”. It was joined by many prominent technologies and digital policy experts, in addition to having onboard. The summit also included the official personalities of Google Cloud via video-link from Singapore.

Who organized The summit?

Ever since the news of the summit broke, everyone has been turning to information technology news. That is because they are filled with curiosity regarding who brought the summit to existence.

Technology chiefly and Telecommunication organized the summit. Both of them had also collaborated with none other than TechValley Pakistan. The summit’s primary purpose was to collect the brainiacs of the country and focus on Google-powered innovative technologies. This was considered necessary for the alternation of the public sector.

President Alvi made the guest appearance, and while addressing the crowd, he revealed his thoughts regarding the digitalization of the country. According to Alvi, citizens in countries with the same socioeconomic structure ought to adopt futuristic data management and use them to fix the problems related to public services.

What Role Did Global Pandemics Play In The Digitalization Of The Country?

Although digitalization of the country has always been considered essential, people now realize the significance of digitalization. That is because, if it wasn’t for the technological advances, there was no possibility of public services during the pandemic. 

Thanks to digitalization, even repeated lockdowns did not stop the Pakistanis from availing education, healthcare, security surveillance, transportation, and building smarter cities.

During the summit, Arif Alvi pointed to the same necessity of technology and gave particular stress over the digital evolution. He even said constant and drastic digital changes are imminent to the fast-changing world. Thus Alvi gave an emphatic speech on applying the vision of the government, i.e. Digital Pakistan. 

Digitalization In The Education Sector 

The president of Pakistan also talked about the significance of technology in the progression of education in Pakistan. He was heard saying that education is no longer in the confines of libraries or books. Instead, it could easily be accessed via the available information at digital platforms such as Google Cloud. 

Pakistani students of every societal stratum should have access to high-quality academic lectures. That is why every pupil should be encouraged to join the global digital club of knowledge. 

The President, Mr. Alvi, is a tech-enthusiast per se. He did not forget to mention in the summit that he had to do political canvassing during his journey to the position. He went all in and started to handle his constituencies’ data personally. Moreover, Mr. Alvi also recalled putting ‘layers’ on the Google Map. According to the president, this strategy helped increase the efficiency and the probability of his win during the election.

What Benefit Did The Summit Offer?

The summit allowed the big change-proponents of Pakistan to join hands and collectively harmonize with the government’s vision of Digital Pakistan.

The Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, i.e. Syed Aminul Haq, also announced that he would pave the vision by collaborating with TechValley and Google Cloud.


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