15 Websites Ideal for Remote Learning and Free Resources

15 Websites Ideal for Remote Learning and Free Resources
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Today, if you have Internet at your disposal, you will get to see a plethora of websites for learning, where you can learn a subject matter free of charge. Although you get some free lessons and courses at Coursera, Udemy, the two of the most sought-after course sites, most of the lessons are paid. So, in this blog, we will check out some other websites that will prove to be useful.

EdPlus at Arizona State University is collaborating with Crash Course at Complexly on a series of entry-level course videos covering composition, chemistry, data literacy, algebra, and other topics. The Green brothers, hosts of a popular vlog and best-selling books, are behind Complexly and Crash Course.

The new information in “Study Hall” will not be used for credit or to replace any degree programs. Rather, it will be used as a supplement for high school and college students. Meanwhile, if you need to estimate the GPA, you should take advantage of the GPA calculator.

  • Blackboard

The File Transformer is a free resource provided by Blackboard. It allows students to convert digital course content into different formats to match their specific learning needs and preferences. The new resource is based on Blackboard Ally, the company’s accessibility checker. It allows students to customize their learning experience by selecting from a variety of format types. These include PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, and HTML. All these formats work well with mobile devices, assistive technologies, and study tools.

  • Agora.io

Agora.io is providing a free online classroom application to nonprofit educational institutions to assist remote teaching and learning. One-on-one tutoring, small-group work, lecture-hall class streaming, whiteboard collaboration, chat, and a management interface are all features of the program. And onboarding assistance is provided by the company.

  • Canva for Education

Teachers can use Canva for Education’s pro edition of the online design platform for free for the rest of their careers. The Chromebook-optimized program provides drag-and-drop tools to make visual communication easier. Students can make presentations, infographics, webpages, reports, workbooks, posters, flyers, and signs alone or in groups.

Tens of thousands of templates, photos, icons, graphics, and typefaces are included in the application. The company will check the application when teachers have completed the form.

  • Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is giving away free accounts to educational institutions. Up to 100 people can attend these meetings, which feature high-definition viewing, screen sharing, and personal chambers. In addition, the firm has created a set of materials to assist professors and students in using the online virtual conference platform.

  • Casio

Casio has a number of services to assist with arithmetic instruction. ClassPad.net, a web-based calculator for calculations, graphing, geometry, and statistics, is available for free. Casio’s most popular scientific and graphing calculators are also emulated via software. The company has also started uploading films to its YouTube account to teach students how to use its calculators to solve complex mathematical problems.

  • Cornerstone

Cornerstone, a workforce management firm, has created a set of “playlists” to assist workers adjusting to working from home, including teachers. In “bite-sized” videos and downloadable instructions, topics such as the transition to online instruction and learning, stress management, and working from home are discussed.

  • Eduflow

Eduflow is making the learning management system free. Educators can use the application to create online courses that allow for debate, peer review, feedback, and other learning activities. You will get an insight into various topics and disciplines.

  • Edsights

EdSights has created a free text messaging bot for colleges to employ in order to assist students. As the COVID-19 scenario progresses, the bot allows institutions to communicate “clear and immediate” information to students about university changes and activities. Students also get to know about the courses, assignments, acquire notes, etc.

The framework can be used to identify pupils who have been affected by the pandemic and require immediate assistance. And it can be employed to promote health and wellness using pre-built scripts.

  • Bartleby

College students can use bartleby’s free digital self-tutoring and writing services. Students can post homework questions for subject-matter experts to answer, or they can post a paper to get it reviewed for grammar and spelling.

  • Hallo

Hallo is providing a free app to help students improve their English skills. Hallo is an English learners’ and teachers’ live-streaming community. Students can learn from native speakers via live videos available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and practise conversing with people all across the world in seconds.

  • Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College, a private liberal arts college in Michigan, is offering a series of free online courses. American history, literature, politics, philosophy, and religion are all included in the current curriculum. Each course includes a number of video or audio lectures.

  • HelioCampus

The LMS Explorer Kit, a free application from HelioCampus, allows institutions to extract and organize data from their learning management system in order to better assist resource planning and decision-making. Canvas and Blackboard Learn are currently supported by HelioCampus.

  • IBM

Open P-TECH is a program developed by IBM to help young people and educators learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, as well as soft skills. Until now, the P-TECH program was offered as a model that was linked to schools. Students aged 16 and above can now register and engage independently.

  • Intelligent Education

Intelligent Education is encouraging educators to utilize their always-free software to produce online courseware. Instructors can use tools to record lectures with slides, photos, and video clips, as well as add 3D models and quizzes. In addition, the firm has 34 courses in its catalogue that have been created and made available by various professors.

These are some of the websites that you can look into for free resources, learning, courses and much more. You can visit the sites and acquire the necessary study materials without paying any subscription fee.

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