4 Ways Luxury Retailers Can Empower Their Staff to Be Stylists

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Retail styling is been looked like something which is not only promising when it comes to increasing the sales but also building healthy and long-lasting relations with customers, with increasing online shopping options and culture. We not only have to adapt to these shifts but also know how our customer interacts and connect with the brand through the internet.

With this paradigm shift, there is also a need to ask if the existing model wherein store associates only serve as salespeople will even make it to the cut or not. As Retailers, there is a need to be offered something more from just the ability to purchase the merchandise.

This can be achieved through by providing amazing experience with our shop or brand, as this help builds an emotional connection that leads to loyalty, high retention & high referral rates in return

One of a proven way to achieve so is by giving our customer access to trained personal retail stylists who are good at communication skills and knows how to present a professional image

For example, Cobbe, Founder, Fashion Trainer, and Presenter says in her blog, “Have you ever thought about what your body language says about you? Making eye contact, standing tall, being aware of your nervous habits, knowing how to confidently greet someone new is all part of a winning professional image

Keeping these things in mind, retailers can interact and help customers in a unique and meaningful way and enhance their overall experience.

Here are some of the tips on empowering the staff to become in-store personal stylists.

Train the staff to have a better understanding of body shape styling:

Being well versed with the diverse and unique body shapes the personal stylist can command with confidence when it comes to dealing with customers and maximizing their satisfaction. Apart from these, we should also develop their understanding with regard to the shop floor and brands. They should be encouraged to go through our season collections and should have a clear idea about marking styles and ideas for each different body type. With which they deliver an uncommon and personal Element to the customers’ shopping visits.

The personal stylists should be trained to be adaptable:

In order make great personal stylist we have to inculcate in them a sense of confidence to stick to an understanding of body shape style rules and also how they should be putting it into practice along with exercising creative trends and accessories to give a rich and fun experience to the customer and being flexible in the approach with them.

Like Salem Moussallam who is a confident and trendy fashionista who just loves to shine in the spotlight and mingle with the stars. Salem Moussallam stylist and designer in Toronto for the past seven years and have his work published in some of the most reputable magazines including Zink Magazine, Dress to Kill, Spade, Fantastik mag, and many more.

Create a culture and reality where your shop is a place of discovery:

We can produce a conducive environment where our shop can be a place of discovery for valued customers and a thrilling place for budding stylists to explore their talents and skills.

We can, for instance, allow your stylists to create weekly or daily  ‘looks’ on mannequins in the store and give a taste of something new to the customer every time they visite the store. We can go a step further and add the stylist names with some additional details to it on the mannequin so the can meet them and add discover something new.

Empower your Stylists to create their customer database:

We can appreciate the fact that styling is a very personal experience and a unique one for every customer. Everyone has a unique relationship with the personal stylist of their preference as he/she helped them in the discovery of their fashion.

Encouraging and supporting our stylist can be empowering for them to make a detailed synopsis of every customer comprising of their body shape, preferences, and purchases by which we can help personalize their shopping experiences on the ongoing basis of the market trends.


Finally, Personal styling provides us with the ability to create a fun and intimate experience not only the staff but the customers as well. We need to work keeping in mind, that these two parties should be happy. And that is the winning formula for any retail business.

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