Reasons You Should Board Up Your Windows To Protect Yourself From Hurricanes And How To Go About It.

window boarding up
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Are you still uncertain whether you should board up the windows in your home or office in case of a hurricane occurrence? Well, the straight answer is that you should consider doing this as soon as you can.

Weather forecasts can accurately give the path that a hurricane is likely to move through, as well as its strength, even before the landing of the storm. This detailed information about a hurricane empowers property owners to go make preparations ahead of time so that their property can be adequately protected. A major step in preparation for a hurricane is ensuring that the doors and windows are boarded up so that the effect of the flying debris and wind damage cannot adversely affect them.

Although this will not help in the prevention of all damages, it can significantly help to reduce the amount of damages, so that the cost of repairs of damages after a large storm is significantly reduced and you won’t have to spend a fortune when hiring a glazing company in Surrey for this.Here, you will get sufficient information on how to protect your home or office ahead of a tropical storm or hurricane, by boarding up.

How Should You Board up ahead of a hurricane?

There is one major thing to note when boarding up your windows and doors, in preparation for a hurricane, and that is to ensure that it is done as early as possible. It can be very difficult to find supplies for emergency boarding up services in Surrey, during the hurricane season. The prices of these materials may also increase during this period. Ensure that you have enough supply of major materials, like plywood, all year round.

Below is a list of key supplies to constantly keep available:

  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Plywood
  • Measuring tape
  • Window clips
  • Nails
  • Circular saw

If you do not have enough of any of these materials, we recommend that you get them as soon as a storm is predicted to occur.

After you have gotten the supplies listed above, follow the procedure below to board up your windows

1.Get a measurement of the plywood.

It is recommended, by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), that a plywood of 5/8 inch thickness should be used. If your home/office has vinyl sliding, ensure that you add extra four inches for each side when measuring so that your home is fully protected from blowing out. When you have determined the amount of plywood you require, ensure the pieces are cut out with the aid of a circular saw.

2.Ensure holes are drilled into the plywood

Drill your plywood to create holes of the same diameter as the screws that are being used. Ensure the holes are drilled two inches away from the edge of the corners of the plywood and in intervals of 12 inches around each of the panels.

3.Mark the plywood

Hold the plywood against the window that is to be boarded up and mark the points where the mounting screens will need to be placed. Write out the window/door it will be used for, on the plywood panel.

You can do this at any period of the year. If there is time, ensures that your window and door covers are planned, measured, cut and labelled. Store them in a safe and dry environment until they are needed. You can also consider coating the plywood with sealant or paint to waterproof it.

4.Secure the boards

When you are set to proceed with boarding up your home, cover the openings with the corresponding marked panels and screw ineach panel carefully.

Get quality services for your window repairs, before or after the storm

It is a good practice to carefully examine your windows for any sign of damage while you’re preparing for a storm or hurricane. If any of your doors or windows need to be replaced or repaired before the occurrence of a storm, Surrey glaziers will be available to help you fix this.

You can reach out to us on 01483 912401 or book an online appointmentto find out more.

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