5 Great Ideas for Designing Your Metal Wine Cellar Door


For people who want a more modern touch to their wine cellar, maybe by giving their vintage wine collection the perfect contrast, a metal cellar door is an effective option. Here, we shall be talking about 5 great ideas for designing metal cellar doors. Each of these ideas will help you in giving yourself a perfect metal door that not only suits your decision but you’re your wine collection.

Here are 5 great ideas for designing a metal wine cellar door:

  • A Customized Fit: Your cellar needs to be airtight. This means that there are high chances that you will require a custom door size. There are many manufacturers of wine cellar doors that offer great custom designs. The plus point of a custom design is that you are free to customize not just the size but the whole door itself. From color to finish to inserts, you can easily give your metal cellar door the dream shape.
m contemporary wine cellar vertical wine racks reclaimed wood
  • Pairing it well:You may have paired your meal with the right wine but have you thought of pairing your wines with the cellar door? A metal cellar door may sound too regular to you but it is not so. You can lots of designs based on the kind of wines you have inside, are they for aging, or for guests, or are you a connoisseur collecting vintage flavors, how can the collection be represented through the metal cellar door, etc. Manufacturers of wine cellars in Houston will be able to help you with this thoroughly.
  • Striking the Balance: By this, we mean balancing between looks and functionality. This brings into consideration whether you want to show off your wine collection or do you want to keep them totally safe and locked away. While the latter will need a completely metal cellar door, for the former, you opt for metal cellar doors with glass panels to make your cherished collection clearly visible.
  • Going for a double down: This one is for those who can afford it: Instead of a single door, go for a set of two. Or if you have a set of doors, go for two sets. Here what you can do is have the inner single door or set made out of glass for weather control, the outer metal door will provide for the ornamentation as well as the security. Here we won’t suggest the use of two sets of metal cellar doors as it will result in nothing useful as one set will be hidden behind the other.
parquet floors in basement wine cellar
  • Considering the Climate: Climate can affect the taste of your wines, big time. Hence it is always recommended to consult a wine cellar manufacturer, be it while designing a wine cellar, or opting for a new metal wine cellar door, in order to make the wines age in the best manner. There are many such wine cellar agencies in Houston that offer custom designs of metal cellar doors that are not only based on looks but also on the humidity and temperature changes that the wines may face and how the door can fit in with it all.

There are many renowned manufacturers of wine cellars in Houston that offer not just metal wine cellar doors but also wrought iron doors and wooden doors. They even provide wine room and furniture construction based on 2D designs according to the requirements of customers. However, as far as wine cellar doors are concerned, metal proves a better choice if you are considering both security as well as looks.