5 Healthy Habits to Start This Month

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Are you stressed about the new year and ready to set new habits? You’re not alone!

In an online poll, 45% of respondents noted an improvement in mental health as one of their top New Year’s resolutions. While feeling worried is normal, you should stay positive and avoid people who make you feel bad about yourself.

What kind of healthy habits to start are best to learn in the new year? That’s what we’ll be covering today.

Read on to explore how to increase your self-care and how to start good and healthy eating habits!

1. Identify Your Goals

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is no small feat, but setting realistic goals can really pay off! Establishing healthy habits this month can help you achieve those goals.

Start by taking inventory of your current habits and identifying which areas you would like to focus on. Analyze your diet and begin replacing unhealthy foods with more nutrient-dense options such as fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Setting Up a Routine for Exercise and Eating Well

It can be hard to get into the habit of exercising and eating healthy, but it can be done. To start, create a schedule of when and where you will exercise.

This can be something as simple as thirty minutes of walking around your neighborhood every morning before breakfast. During the day, be mindful of what you’re putting into your body.

Eating more wholesome foods and limiting your intake of processed and sugary snacks will help. Taking the time to meal plan and research nutritious options beforehand can help you stay on track.

3. Establish a Bedtime Schedule

Creating boundaries around how much time you can spend in bed can help you ensure getting the recommended eight hours of sleep that adults need.

Start by setting a bedtime, about the same time every night, and a wake-up time. Limiting your exposure to bright light in the evening and avoiding blue light from screens and devices can help improve the quality of your sleep.

4. Find Ways to Reduce Stress Throughout the Day

According to a behavioral health consultant, give yourself plenty of breaks throughout the day and try to fit in time for physical activity like walking, yoga, or stretching to reduce stress levels. Additionally, take time to meditate or practice mindfulness.

Set aside time for leisure activities like reading, listening to music, or creative outlets like painting or woodwork. Finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed, take a pause and focus on your breath.

5. Involve Friends and Family to Stay Positive

Staying positive and motivated is key, so reach out to those closest to you and make healthy habit choices together. Set up a group walk or run together and plan the route in advance.

Challenge each other to eat healthy meals, such as preparing a Greek salad or homemade kale chips. Work together to clean out the pantry and ditch the junk food.

Encourage each other to skip the soda and late-night snacks.

Wake Up These Healthy Habits to Start the Day Right

Overall, start small and be consistent! Having healthy habits to start this month, such as getting more quality sleep, exercising regularly, and eating nutritious foods, are important steps in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Make it easier for yourself, and take time this month to prioritize your health. Try it — your body will thank you!

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