5 Must-have Home and Kitchen Appliances

5 Must-have Home and Kitchen Appliances
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It is the kitchen that can be considered as one of the essential areas of the house. However, many people ignore the importance of the kitchen, and the area remains most neglected and thought at the last moment for being decorated.

Gone are the days when one used to sweat under the heat inside the kitchen and burn their hands while cooking or bruise their fingers while grinding the spices. Today, with the advancement of technology, kitchens have become smarter, and one should plan the kitchen accordingly.

Some must-have home and kitchen appliances are necessary to manage the kitchen, reduce kitchen chores, and get engaged in the other daily schedules. Let us discuss the top 5 appliances which one should use to work effortlessly in their kitchen.

The 5 Must-Have Home and Kitchen Appliances

1) Oven or induction cooktop

It is the kitchen where one cooks the food. However, all foods are not ready to eat, and most of them require to be cooked. Therefore, a source of heat is always necessary to cook the food.

A gas oven or an electric induction cooktop is one of the primary must-have kitchen appliances that need to be arranged inside.  Define the cooking needs and select the oven or the cooktop accordingly so that energy is not wasted. Select the size and the capacity according to the demand.

2) Mixer Grinder

It is impossible to cook any palatable, lip-smacking cuisine without a mixer grinder in the kitchen. Mortar and pestle have been replaced by the mixer grinder; instead, we can call them food processors. Therefore, a good mixer grinder or food processor is one of the must-have kitchen appliances.

One can grind, shred, mince, knead, chop, and make a paste, blend, and do many things using the mixer grinder. It makes managing the kitchen easy, and one can get fresh powder of spices or make the dough for the bread.

Making mocktails or blending the ingredients for the cake or pudding is no more a nightmare. Also, forget the wrist pain, unlike what you had while kneading the dough with your hand.

Select the suitable size as per your requirements purposes and has a mixer grinder for your kitchen. It is best to buy a high-end mixer grinder so that multiple purposes are served. The extra cost incurred while having them pays off in the long run.

3) The Refrigerator

People cannot go to the food malls or markets daily to buy vegetables, fish, meat, various sauces, drinks, and ready-to-cook packaged food products. Moreover, people, particularly the yuppies, avoid cooking daily, and they like to cook one day and consume the food for the next few days.

The main issue is to keep the vegetables, fish, and meat and the cooked food and sauces in edible condition. Keeping them outside will rot them in few hours. Therefore, one should have a refrigerator in the kitchen.

You can get them in all sizes and energy ratings, and it is best to define the purpose, fix a budget, and buy one refrigerator to fulfill the need. The options for selecting the refrigerator are plenty, and therefore choose the best one to serve your purpose.

4) Kitchen Hood

The kitchen hood or the chimney is a must these days. Avoid sneezing as you sauté the spices; stay away from the smoke while you fry something in oil. It is also helpful to have a flow of fresh air inside the chimney, stop the cooking aromas, oil droplets, or the string frying smell of the spices to fill your home.

Kitchens usually do not have big windows and running the chimney while cooking will not suffocate you. Measure your kitchen area and buy a hood that can do proper exhaust to keep you energetic during cooking.

5) Microwave Oven

It is one of the 5 must-have home appliances in your kitchen. One can cook food, bake cakes and cookies, defrost and warm refrigerated foods in the microwave. Making bread and cakes, or chicken tandoori or stuffed potatoes has never been so easy in earlier days.

Therefore, keeping a microwave oven in the kitchen helps one to make restaurant-style food at home. These ovens are available in various sizes and capacities, and features. Buy the one that fits your budget to have this must-have appliance for your kitchen.


One cannot avoid the above five items for their kitchen to work smoothly. They are the essential items in any kitchen today. However, one should know to use them properly to get the best benefits.

Not only that, these items should be appropriately maintained, serviced, and cleaned at regular intervals to experience the best effects. It is best to spend on the essential items in the kitchen than to have other luxuries at home.

Cooking is one of the most essential activities of our life, which should be given utmost importance.

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