5 Reasons why a B2B Business needs eCommerce

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New technologies and platforms have the potential to cause disruption in an industry. In recent years, simple activities like ordering a taxi, or say ordering food, have seen the phenomenal growth of new business models that have completely transformed the landscape of the food and travel industries.

B2B businesses that used to rely on face-to-face interactions and over-the-table dealings with their customers are now facing competition from new-age tech savvy providers who are technologically better equipped to offer the same service to customers, but far more efficiently and transparently.

If you are a B2B business, but not operating online, then it is the best time to Hire a Magento Developer build your own B2B eCommerce business. Even, if you are online, but using an old system built on legacy technologies, chances are that your site is not user or mobile friendly, is difficult to navigate and uses too many forms that users find cumbersome to fill-in.

All these are indicators that you need to make a switch to a lighter, yet robust and fully functional B2B eCommerce system built on Magento as that is direction in which the industry is shifting.

Repeat business that works like a subscription model

If your business has standardized products that you offer under fixed terms & conditions and your customers place repeat orders for the same items, then you are best suited to sell these products online. Research shows that B2B customers prefer to place orders online as they feel no need to re-enquire about a product or its features, or delivery terms, all of which are already known.

Gradual shift in the industry model from offline to online

The B2B marketplace is making a gradual shift to becoming online. Advancement in technology platforms, emergence of tech savvy B2B customers who prefer to buy online and increasing adoption of tools and processes that bring transparency in the supply chain process are some of the drivers that are responsible for this shift.

Most businesses prefer to hire a Magento developer and make their business online in order to ensure that they remain ahead of the industry curve. It is high time that you also took a decision to outsmart your competitors.

Valuable analytics are available in an online business

Offline businesses rely on old techniques to gather insights of their customers, especially their needs, buying patterns, preferences and actual spend. This requires experience and is subject to error.

This is the reason why new-age business B2B enterprises shun these methods and instead rely on the analytics feature of their own eCommerce systems to generate apipeline of data & insights covering the customer, the product and the price. The analytics gathered enable these businesses to form their sales and marketing strategy, decide on deals and promotions, identify new products offerings, modify their delivery terms, and improve customer experience.

Enhancing the B2B customer experience

Learnings from the B2C market place and how ease of shopping and order fulfillment have led to rapid growth and improved customer experience, are increasingly being applied to the B2B marketplace too.

Even though product, place and order volumes might differ, today B2B customers also expect their needs to be addressed in the same fashion as B2C customers. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to hire a Magento developer, add the required features and functions in your eCommerce website so that you are able to offer your B2B customers the same level of service that they are used to in a B2C model.

Your website needs to be relevant to your business and your industry

Your website serves as a mirror to the world about your business. You have to be a leader in your business and at the top position in your industry. This can only be possible if you adopt the role of a pioneer and take concrete steps today to make your eCommerce website relevant to your business and your industry.

You need to bring your old website and hire Magento developer to build a robust fully functional eCommerce website that incorporates features such as a secure marketplace for B2B transactions, complex pricing, bulk discounts, MOQ, tax exemption, one-click reorder and flexible payment options.


This is the best time to move your business online and profit from the B2B marketplace. If you don’t take this plunge now, then you risk losing out on new potential buyers and stifling your business growth.

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