5 things worth the money for

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ok, I always talk about saving, but today I want to talk to you about spending!

Yes to spend more and not save.

I don’t want to shift my focus on spending and since I’ve become rich explain to you how to spend money.

For years, the Financial Times has published an insert How to spend it – How to spend it dedicated to the pleasures of life.

Maybe in a while, I’ll have to change my focus, and I too will devote myself to cars, watches, and new inlaid wooden cases for my iPhone….

However, for the moment I must continue to keep my expenses, especially the luxury ones, very controlled.

But I do not deny that in some cases and for certain goods it is worth spending. Let’s see what these are and if you agree too.

# 1 – Shoes and work clothes –  On shoes I know I have gained a new and renewed support from the female public … but as ignorant as I profess myself about women’s bags and shoes I know for sure that for classic men’s shoes every euro more spent, implies a longer duration and therefore savings.

The same goes for clothes. Until a few years ago I bought clothes in a trusted store and I spent enough but much less than the tailor from whom today I have a suit made from time to time. The difference, however, is very simple.

I used to buy clothes every month / two months, today I buy a dress per season, I choose the fabrics and I have a tailored suit.

Unfortunately in the world of work – it is very sad to say – how you dress affects the perception that others have of you and therefore you should spend. Obviously if, as in my case, it is needed. It’s just an investment like any other.

# 2 – Culture and education – I had already written a post on this. 

I will never tire of saying it. Every euro spent on books, courses, training, in general, is an unspent euro invested, not wasted.

Here too, of course, look for useful courses that, in any case, are part of your growth path.

I see many people who rely on gurus or various gurus who promise easy money online, methods to attract money, or to do it with forex, real estate, or others.

A course and that’s it, I want to tell you, it does not enrich anyone. If someone had found the method for happiness, wealth, peace, success with women or men, he would immediately become the most famous person in the world.

All courses can teach something, but everyone must understand how they can improve and achieve certain results starting from themselves.

# 3 – Computer –  I’m not an Apple fan (I no longer have an iPhone but I have an Android phone), but I’ve had an 11-inch Mac Book Air for four years.

I spent a little more than a laptop, but I must say that in terms of performance and quality I am not disappointed at all and today, four years later (I touch myself) my computer continues to work perfectly and satisfy me.

Here, sometimes or some think that electronic products are all the same.

With the example of the computer, I want to tell you that many times it is worthwhile to dwell on expenses and think about the real advantages that an expense can guarantee.

# 4 – Health –  this is a bit obvious, but being well is perhaps the most important thing in everyone’s life.

Today we have many tools available for the preventive diagnosis of diseases.

We can also strive to stay in shape, avoid what hurts, and, in short, improve ourselves from a fiscal point of view.

Here we can save money by choosing inexpensive sports and affiliated or public centers for analysis.

However, even here every euro invested in health is a euro invested in our future that can act as a time multiplier.

# 5 – Save time – the last category is a bit all-encompassing because it includes many, many things.

You have to spend on anything that saves you time. Because time is money, yes.

I told you that I bought the Roomba robot to clean the house because it allows me to avoid vacuuming or paying a maid.

I bought a bike because it allows me to get to the office in 15 minutes instead of 30 by public transport.

I pay a trustworthy insurer a little more because they keep an eye on all my practices. The same is true for my accountant who never makes me waste more than 15 minutes a year on my tax practices.

I pay Money Farm to help me invest and not look for solutions myself.


To conclude, I invite you to never lose your focus on saving without ever forgetting that in many cases spending more today means saving tomorrow or today in time and earnings.

What do you think? Do you want to add your 6 points to our list?

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