5 Ways Freight Rail Are Advancing in Technology

5 Ways Freight Rail Are Advancing In Technology

The nation’s railroads are putting new technology into work almost every day. Investments in freight rail are advancing the technology behind the industry and helping us see massive economic improvements for our future. Here are some of the top ways that the rail industry is advancing in its technology.

Track Geometry Sensors

Track geometry sensors are now putting systems in place that can monitor downtime and measure every foot of rail along the track. Big data solutions for monitoring track geometry will lead to better preventative maintenance for the future and flexibility for maintenance over time.

New Sonar Technology

Railroads are using sonar to assess stability in bridge piers, sonar will identify increases in erosion around the piers which can compromise the integrity of her bridge. Railroads will assess bridges in an ongoing sense after storms and flooding and this will prevent accidents.

Smart Sensor Technology

New smart sensor technology includes support for lasers and infrared which can assess the ongoing health of the bearings, wheels, and the overall strength of the components that impact the railway. Acoustic bearing detectors are a new technology that will improve maintenance requirements.

Machine Vision

New machine visioning technology captures thousands of images per second for trains that pass on tracks. By analyzing these images as an advanced algorithm, anomalies can be identified that will address issues with efficiency and enhance inspection abilities. These dice the data solutions are finding issues faster than any manual inspection and improving efficiency and safety across the board.

Consider these top investments if you are seeking ways to improve your business and maximize technology for your freight based company. Launching the future of freight with the help of our technology will ensure your business can keep up and stay safe well into the future. This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Swartz Engineering.

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