6 Features of eClinicalWorks EHR You Didn’t Know You Needed in 2021

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eClinicalWorks EMR

With the whole lot of functionalities in the eClinicalWorks EHR, deciding which features are necessary for your practice can be challenging. Most of the healthcare providers are not even sure if they are utilizing the appropriate eClinicalWorks software features and solutions. The key is to find out what your unique workflow patterns, practice goals, and obstacles are. Whether you are just getting started with eClinicalWorks or reconsidering your feature choices, there are always ways for you to do better for your medical facility within eClinicalWorks. 

eClinicalWorks – An overview

Offering healthcare solutions to over one million medical professionals around the globe, eClinicalWorks is a popular EHR software with solutions for practice management, clinical documentation, population health management, patient engagement, and more. Healthcare organizations rely on this platform to manage tasks like revenue management, scheduling, and data analytics. 

Like similar EHR products, eClinicalWorks provides medical charting and documentation tools to eliminate the need for hand-written documents. Medical facilities depend on eClinicalWorks to offer better patient care and increase their revenue. 

According to eClinicalWorks EHR reviews, it offers a suite of highly integrated, affordable solutions for Population Health to help practices improve patient engagement, understand disease patterns, assess risks more accurately, and provide better healthcare outcomes. 

6 eClinicalWorks EHR features your practice shouldn’t go without

  • E-Prescribing

The e-prescribing feature makes it easier for users to meet state standards for prescribing medications, including restricted drugs. Its APPRISS PDMP Check interface can be utilized efficiently and effectively to let practices verify patient use. 

  • Patient Portal & Messenger

eClinicalWorks offers a patient portal that allows users to view their lab results, get appointment reminders, follow-up notifications, and make payments. Combined with the Messenger campaigns, this outreach helps medical offices significantly improve efficiency and streamline workflows as well as improve patient satisfaction and engagement.

  • Virtual Assistant

“Eva” by eClinicalWorks is another useful resource that can bring many benefits to a healthcare organization. This virtual assistant enables providers to view a patient’s progress notes, account balance, or flowsheet. It also helps them to review patient history, book appointments, and compare notes side-by-side. To learn more about this feature, you can book an eClinicalWorks EHR demo on FindEMR

  • Telemedicine

Keeping in mind the current COVID-19 crisis, eClinicalWorks healow telehealth solutions are a must-have for all practices. Healthcare providers can utilize TeleVisits to provide virtual care visits in a HIPAA-compliant manner. This telemedicine solution lets patients schedule online appointments with their physicians from the comfort of their home or office. Both patients and providers can connect easily with medical experts around the globe using the healow Virtual Room. 

  • Hospital Interoperability

eClinicalWorks supports interoperability by enabling users to share data between multiple clinics or a health system’s various departments. This EHR vendor also facilitates seamless communication with any radiology vendor or RIS system that supports HL7 messaging. 

  • Scheduling

The scheduling feature lets users add new patients, search appointments, look up existing patients, and manage scheduling requests. In addition to this, users can manage the scheduling of specialty equipment and resources for clinicians like nurses, physicians, or other providers. 

How eClinicalWorks helps you deliver the best possible patient care?

eClinicalWorks is an easy-to-use platform that offers a number of specialty-specific features to increase operational efficiency of a practice while reducing human error. This software is a flexible, adaptable, and tailor-fit solution that ensures your long-term success, whether you own a private clinic or a large hospital setup. 

The platform is neck-to-neck with unique EMR features, so the list does not just end here. Like other health IT solutions, eClinicalWorks also simplifies record keeping, medical charting to eliminate the need for handwritten patient documents entirely. It is used by medical experts to streamline day-to-day operations, improve patient interaction, and boost revenue. 

Overview of benefits: eClinicalWorks EHR reviews

Based on top user reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this EHR product.

  • It reduces the chances of incorrect data and human error so that providers can provide successful treatments in the first attempt. The EHR platform efficiently recognizes health patterns and provides analytics to evaluate how your organization stacks up against others. 
  • eClinicalWorks EHR Reviews confirm that most features offered by this EHR software can be customized to meet the unique needs of users. This means they can have the freedom to work in a way they like. 
  • The vendor offers a number of comprehensive healthcare solutions. Most of the products can be fully integrated with the EHR system to deliver one incredibly powerful solution. 
  • EClinicalWorks software solution also supports integration with the practice management system to make sure the patients flow is streamlined from start till the end. This unification also provides a seamless workflow from the front office through to providers and the billing staff. 
  • There are multiple self-service modules for patients, such as online doctor-patient visits and appointment scheduling, which encourage patients to participate more actively throughout their care process. 
  • It allows patients to view their lab results and progress notes as well as communicate securely with their providers. 
  • Unlike other EHR vendors, eClinicalWorks offers 24/7 customer support with no start-up cost. 
  •  Storing medical information to the software’s cloud-based server lets you repurpose space being utilized to store physical documents while assuring the security of sensitive patient data. 

Final thoughts

eClinicalWorks EHR stands out in the market for all the right reasons. It comes power-packed with robust features, offers various pricing tiers along with a free of cost transition from your existing software. You can take the assistance of an eClinicalWorks optimization specialist to make the best use of eClinicalWorks software, integrations, and features to improve the productivity and efficiency in your practice after you have fully understood your practice’s existing problems, workflows, and goals. We also recommend you do your leg-work, explore user reviews across different online platforms, and call the vendor for further clarifications.

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