7 Best Movies and TV Swords of All Times

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Nowadays, fantasy and action movies are the two top trending movie categories in the world. Lord of the Rings, 300 Spartans, Maleficent, Hobbit, ThunderCats, Rambo, John Carter, and Star Trek are becoming the top-notch choices of every action movie lover. In fantasy films, the audience mostly compares their themes, spiritual events, fighting, and magical world. 

In fighting films, the audience wants to watch their favorite character fighting with the opponents by wearing gears and using his trademark warfare item. The use of warfare items like swords, guns, knives, daggers, and other ammunitions is increasing in the movies due to the higher demand of people. But according to research, people watch those movies more, which have swords, daggers, and bows.

Due to the great interest of the people, we are compiling a list of seven best movies and TV swords

  • Glamdring Sword
  • Sting Sword
  • Hadhafang sword
  • Lhang sword
  • Atlantean sword
  • Spartan short sword
  • Sword of Gryffindor

The detail of each sword is present below. Being a fans of movie and TV swords, I am sure, you will like our article.  

Glamdring Sword:

The Glamdring, sword of the Gandalf the Grey, was manufactured for Turgon. He was the son of Fingolfin (Elven King of Gondolin). This sword was lost over the six thousand years, which was founded by Gandalf later in The Hobbit. Glamdring was also one of the powerful swords in the Middle-earth that was stabbed with the skin of Balrog.

The wizard store the light within its sharp blade. With the help of the Glamdring sword, Gandalf subdued the Balrog and got the upper level called as Gandalf the White. It won’t be single percent wrong to say that it was one of the sharpest and most popular swords in the movie.

Sting Sword:

During the first age, the sting sword was manufactured in Gondolin. Bilbo Baggins found the sting sword in the year of Ta 2941 and utilized by the Quest of Erebor. Later on, Frodo Baggins got Sting Sword from Bilbo Baggins. It was one of the most potent and sharp-edged swords in the movie. It got attraction and interest of people because of its sharp surface and unique design. 

Hadhafang sword:

Hadhafang’s sword belongs to the princess of Idril, who was the wife of Tuor’s father of Elrond (Father of Arwen). Elrond used Hadhafang sword during the fighting between the Last Alliance of Elves and the army of the Dark Lord Sauron on the inclines of Mount Doom.

The sharp edge has engravings of Tengwar runes in Sindarin language. The prints demonstrate that the sword belongs to Hadhafang. It was also a mighty sword in the Lords of the Rings movie. Due to its design and cutting ability, it has millions of fans around the globe.

Lhang sword:

Lhang matches the mythical beings consummately. It’s a significant, quick blade with gold improvements. The curved one-edged cutting edge has loads of vitality. It has a sturdy handle that the Elf can hold with two of his two hands.

The blade is intended for clearing movements corner to corner over the body. It was utilized by both the Galadhrim and the High Elves. The Uruk-hai of Saruman, much like their far off precursors centuries back, ended up to be pitifully outmatched because of the mythical people.

Atlantean Sword:

The Atlantean Sword is a scoundrel sword appropriated by Conan in the movies Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer. The Atlantean sword belonged to an old king who, always carried this sword. Conan unearths the burial place while a pack of wolves was pursuing him and inside, he found the blade, which he used to evacuate his shackles and kill the wolves.

The edge of the Atlantean sword was 27 inches long including the handle of the swords its reached 36.5 inches in total length. Like the previous swords, it is also one of the best and most popular Movies and TV swords with a unique design and sharp-edged surface. 

Spartan short sword:

The Spartan Short Sword was utilized after the lance falls flat. Under over two feet in total length, it was structured with a significant portion of its weight towards the tip. Joined with the Spartans’ excellent quality and curved edge these blades had the option to cut simply if not more effectively than swords that were heavier and longer with more power than the other one given blades used by most of the Persians they confronted.

Sword of Gryffindor:

Thousand years ago Goblins manufactured the magical Gryffindor sword. This sword was most skillful in the magical world of the Hogwarts School. It was full-fashioned from pure silver. The handle of the sword was intense with the rubies.

These stones represented Gryffindor as the most prestigious man in the Hogwarts school. Ragnuk stole the sword from Gryffindor, and he sent minions to catch it back. Gryffindor would unsheathe the blade against them all.

The troll lord paid attention to the danger and left Gryffindor possessing his legitimate property; however, he stayed angry until he passed on. It was one of the sharpest surface swords in the movie. Reference: swordskingdom.com

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