7 ideas to make a successful Instagram Reel!

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Have you ever done an Instagram Reel? Do you know the value it has in a social media marketing strategy? But how to make it happen? Here are some ideas to start creating successful Reels right away!

An Instagram Reel is an Instagram function, launched by the social network in August 2020 and which we can no longer do without halfway between a TikTok video and an IGTV, now we are all  Reel addicted!

It is an easy, intuitive tool that, thanks to the latest 2021 update, has increased the duration up to 60 seconds: a positioning not to be underestimated in a digital and social media marketing strategy.

But how is a Reel made on Instagram?

To share a Reel you just need to access your personal Instagram profile or your company, then you will have to go to the top right where there is the plus symbol and click on it.

Now on the Create screen select Reel, enabling both camera and microphone access, hold down the button, and voilà you have made your content.

Remember to select the durationaudiospeed, and effects you prefer to customize your Reel.

Furthermore, it is also possible to load a video made previously as Reel, but remember to adapt it according to the size, that is 1080px x 1920px, with a ratio of 9:16.

You can also decide whether to show the Reel in the feed or show it only in the dedicated section.

In both cases, it is recommended to insert a cover to the Reel that transmits curiosity towards the content and order in the profile, an idea to make the curated cover appear to the user is to use the colors of the insurance Brand Identity.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Humanize the brand
  • 2 Show the reality of the brand
  • 3 Show before and after
  • 4 Shows the making of a product
  • 5 Preview a product/service
  • 6 Share Tips
  • 7 Ride the trends

Humanize the brand

To build a strong and powerful brand you need to create a strong and empathic relationship with your target audience, the so-called Buyer Personas: in fact, you must always remember that before data and statistics there are people.

Give the floor to those who represent the strength of the company, live it, breathe it, realize it.

brand is history, territory, know-how, tradition, culture, and people. And the latter must be emphasized and highlighted: telling the company from those who live it every day is an important lever that creates emotion and empathy.

In this way, the user will feel even more engaged thanks to the art of Storytelling: nothing is stronger at a communicative level than a person who tells himself or herself about his experience.

A person follows, buys, and identifies with a company and a brand that make him feel confident, understood, and with which the person himself feels identified, thus becoming an integral part of the brand itself.

It is therefore important to show the people who work in your company, to show the human side of your brand, and to create an even closer relationship with users.

Show the reality of the brand

Instagram is a social network where everything must appear perfect, starting from the feed, nothing is left to chance, people are tired of perfection and prefer to see the truth and reality of a brand, whether it’s personal branding or brand awareness.

If you are a freelancer, we will talk about personal branding: it must be yourself, interact and talk to your followers, tell your day and show yourself for who you are, a person with strengths and weaknesses, with days at the top and bad days, don’t pretend what you are not!

If, on the other hand, you own or work for a company, you will have to present the brand differently.

In the first case, you can tell about yourself, but without losing focus on your brand, in the second case, especially in a structured company, you will first have to deal with the decision-makers and develop a social strategy, which perhaps involves all departments of the company.

Show the before and after

The Reel that shows the before and after is great for those who work in the food, fashion, and hairstyle sectors.

It will be enough to make a video of the first one, in which, for example, the ingredients for a recipe or the look of a customer are shown and then show the result obtained, perhaps adding a transition that creates movement and effect.

Shows the making of a product

Showing the know-how and the creation of a product is certainly a piece of advice to be grasped, especially for companies that deal with fashion, leather goods, jewelry, and accessories.

In fact, through this Reel, you can show your followers how the products are made and in the case of Made in U.S products, show that they are products made in the U.S.

Furthermore, by showing and describing the phases of a product’s creation, you will make the user feel involved, involved, and even more intrigued by the product.

Make previews of a product/service

Making a Reel Preview of a product and/or service intrigues and creates an expectation in the user.

Think of the countdown to the release of a new product or the launch of a service, doing in the previous period of the Reels will involve even more followers, who will look forward to having their object of desire in their hands.

Share Tips

Sharing tips and tricks is the ace in the hole in any sector, you can create lists with your brand’s must-haves, general advice, or create columns.

For example: for a jewelry company, an artisan who makes jewelry, or jewelry, a column on advice could be the precious stone linked to the zodiac sign.

For a fashion brand, Reels are indicated on the different physicalities and the positive body and for a web agency, the ad hoc solution could be to create a dictionary on the different terms of digital marketing.

Ride the trends

Riding the trends and being updated on trends in the winning key to always be one step ahead of your competitors and give a modern and trendy look to the brand.

Follow the trends on Explore, challenge yourself or create challenges with your followers: in this way you will involve them and attract their attention ironically and funnily, increasing brand awareness in fact, it will be the users themselves who will invite new followers on the profile.

I advise you to add the text in the Reel not everyone looks at it, also listening to the audio.

Last but not least, unleash your creativity, there is no best recipe to create content that your followers like there are guidelines, of course, but if they follow you, your brand, and your company it is because they identify with the values ​​it transmits, so let your imagination run wild!

I hope this mini-guide with the 7 ideas for making Reels on Instagram was useful to you: have you ever created a Reel on your profile or on that of your brand? Let us know in the comments!

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