8 Tips by Dermat for Lighter Underarms

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Struggling with dark underarms? Well, regular shaving, skin factors cause the underarm to turn darker than other parts of the body. Underarm area has delicate skin that requires a safe and effective way to lighten them. Rubbing lemon and baking soda can cause irritation, burn and redness.

Continuous shaving is a most common reason for dark armpits. So, the best way can be waxing and laser treatment for underarms. If you’re looking for a beauty salon in your locality for beauty treatments then consider an online salon booking app that helps to ease your salon visit. So, let’s have a look at the safe ways that dermatologists suggest to lighten your dark underarms.

Smelly and sweaty underarms lead to bacteria’s and germs to spread away. For reducing this, you use antiperspirants that are full of harsh chemicals and harmful substances. You should use good quality perfumes that should be gentle on your skin. Also, using the right roll on for your armpits is also important or spray directly to your skin. This is how you can reduce the darkening of armpits by using good quality products.

  • Wear right fabrics

What kind of fabrics you’re wearing also matters a lot. As we know, armpits become very sweaty in summers, that may develop bacteria and infections. Synthetic fabrics increase the sweat and friction. That’s why you need to wear soft and cotton fabrics that absorb the sweat easily. It helps to keep the armpits breath easily and makes your underarms healthy and happy.

  • Clean regularly

Keep your underarms clean and hygiene all day. Remove the hair regularly and wash it gently every day. Being covered and non-airy, it develops skin darkening and bacteria infections. Try to include mild and anti-bacterial soap. Also, for cleaning them regularly with few safe home remedies such as potato slices, cucumber and honey. So, the idea is to keep them clean and bacteria free so that skin darkening can’t happen .

  • Be gentle

The areas of the underarms are very delicate, the same as the skin around the eyes. They are easily prone to darkening and that’s why you struggle with this skin condition. As you treat the eyes area the same you need to do with underarms. Exfoliation is one of the great methods to keep them healthy. You can exfoliate with a chemical exfoliator rather than a physical one because it helps to keep your body nourished and healthy. You should avoid using any of the harsh techniques that can harm your armpits.

  • Take care and protect

Taking care of underarms is really important. You should clean and moisturize them regularly. Go slow and be gentle while taking care. Anything that irritates your skin can discolor later. Be cautious while choosing the products. Consult your doctor for lightening and brightening topical products for underarms. Keep your underarms healthy and nourished by regularly applying aloe vera gel and body nourished oil. Don’t let the bacteria develop.

  • Health updates

Health conditions also might be a reason for the dark underarms. Obesity, insulin disorders and other disorders like PCOS can be the reason for dark and smelly armpits. You should consult your doctor, have the check up and start the medication accordingly. By having the right treatment of the disorder you can easily stop darkening of the armpits. So, it’s important to keep your health updates regular to stay healthy and fit.

  • What can work?

Every person has different skin types and conditions. The best way to find out what works best for you is to try the things if possible. Such as shedding a few kilos of weight can help to decrease obesity. Also, chemical peels and brightening laser treatments are some of the safe and effective solutions for reducing the darkening of armpits. Exfoliation and harsh treatments lead to rashes and redness that can worsen the condition. So rather than rubbing, use any gentle method for underarm lightening.

  • Hair removal the right way

As we have told you, the skin of the armpits are very sensitive and that requires a safe and right method for skin lightening. Shaving and even frequent waxing can cause skin darkness. Also, hair removals cream is a big no. They not only dissolve your hair but also harm the skin as it contains a lot of harsh chemicals including amino acids. The most safest and effective method is to use a laser hair removal method that keeps your skin darkening away. However, it’s an expensive treatment.

The bottom line

So, these are the best ways to make your dark armpits light and also keep them healthy. These are the safe and effective ways to get rid of dark underarms or avoid the darkness. Which one you found the best and will use?

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