9 Tools to have a bigger Laptop Battery lifespan

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Presuming you recently got yourself the latest laptop, it is hoped that you prevented the simple paying mistakes. It doesn’t make much difference whether you have had it for some time, these tips will still come handy to have a bigger laptop battery life.

Doing small changes to how your laptop is being used saves you from reaching for your power line frequently and will have the laptop battery lasting longer. Go through these tips, which make laptop batteries live bigger.

1. Turning on power-saving mode

While unplugged your battery percentage can be seen on the taskbar. Check to see if any battery-saving features are turned on. A considerable performance loss would be experienced if gaming, editing of videos or photos are not being done, or doing functions, which need huge amounts of battery levels, otherwise, the difference would be negligible.

2. Charging battery right when it becomes extremely low

It is observed that most users wait until the battery is extremely low before charging it, which is not good for its health. Preferably, never let it go under 20% charging for its bigger life. Using it with less power causes pressure on it and lower its charging limit.

3. Disconnecting peripherals, not in use

When unplugged, it is strongly suggested to disconnect every peripheral, a USB drive, for instance. The peripheral consumes power for itself even when you are not performing any task or moving data on it, making it a clear waste of laptop battery.

4. Save your device from intense temperatures

Work on your laptop while considering that temperature is not hot or cold. Your system works harder when the temperature is at its peak, consuming power rapidly. Exposing device to such temperatures will danger the battery itself, reducing its time.

5. Having sufficient RAM

Check to see whether the PC has sufficient RAM to do the tasks that are being assigned. When a computer has the capacity in RAM to store the data, it will store it in RAM rather than on the hard drive, which a faster way to recall data and prevents operations from taking place in the hard drive, which drains a lot of your laptop’s battery.

6. Don’t keep your laptop plugged in

Never keep your laptop on charge even when it’s fully charged. Always plug out after the charge. Laptops with constant plugin have a smaller number of charge cycles compared to those kept in between 20% and 80% charge level.

7. Turn down screen brightness

You always do not need a bright screen so lower down you’re the brightness of your laptop, notebook, or whatever device you are using when not needed. A display screen with a higher brightness level drains your gadget’s battery faster.

8. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth not needed? Working offline with no connectivity required? Turn off these features. Why so? The reason is that even when these features are not in your use, the laptop or any device with these features turned on is still looking for other possible connections available. Though it is minimal, yet it sucks up some laptop battery power.

9. Buy an SSD

Experts recommend to buy a solid-state drive and switch your hard drive to SSD. Since SSD functions on flash memory, it needs much less electrical power and energy than a mechanical hard drive.

Though SSD does not provide a vast improvement, yet it offers some other super amazing features. The laptop will work much faster with greater efficiency and accessibility to files quickly. Thus, this way, you can save your laptop battery power as now you can get things done quicker, too.

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