A solution to your internet problems Netgear AC1900

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With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic a lot of people are facing network problems, I was facing some serious lag even though I have a wifi router in my home. This pandemic has doubled the internet usage of everyone worldwide and this has created a lot of traffic on the internet, everyone from workers to students are now using internet to stay connected online, I’m pretty sure that you even work from home so if you are like me and play games and surf the internet or watch a lot of content on the internet then Netgear ac1900 wifi mesh extender is one of the best extenders out there. It’s seriously lag free and does an amazing job of doubling your range while keeping your speed stable. It’s also pretty reasonably priced and has the same features if not better compared to a lot of other extenders. You cannot go wrong with buying this.

Setting up the netgear ac1900 extender

After purchasing the extender unbox it carefully and remove the packaging then you can start the Netgear ac1900 wifi mesh extender setup process which is honestly quite simple. I took me about 20 minutes to complete it but honestly anyone can do it regardless of whether they possess any technical knowledge or not. Plug in the extender in to a power socket and turn it on and then connect it to your pc using an ethernet cable or connect it to your phone wirelessly then head over to the default page by typing in the default i.p address then login using the login credentials. You can now change the extender settings to your wish. You can connect your extender to your router by manually scanning for the router and typing in the password or you can go set it up using the WPS button.

Netgear ac1200 wps setup

To start the netgear ac1200 wps setup head over to the default gateway of the router and login to the page using the login credentials which you can find on the back of the router and then scroll down to wifi settings and turn on the wps setting or if you have a wps button on the router you can click and hold it for 5 seconds till the LEDs start to flash. This completes the WPS setup for the router. Now to set up the extender using wps push and hold the wps button on the extender for about 5 seconds until the LEDs start to flash rapidly then you can notice a blue light in the internet symbol,this indicates that your setup was successful. You can do a netgear ac1900 mywifiext.net setup if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting it up using the above mentioned methods. To setup using mywifiext.net simply type it in your web browser and login using the correct login credentials and simply enter the details of your existing router, once this is done your extender will have been connected to your router. This concludes the setup. After setting up the extender place it in such a way that there isn’t a lot of hindrance between the extender and router as this can create dead zones which defeats the whole purpose of getting an extender in the first place, so place it about at a distance which suits your needs. You can see the LEDs on your extender as a guide to see the best distance from the route

Extender troubleshooting

If at any point during the installation you encounter any problems with connectivity then try rebooting the extender and if it doesn’t work then reboot the router. This usually solves the problem. However, if you think you made a few mistakes while setting up the extender then you can do a factory reset to bring the extender back to its default settings. To do that press and hold the reset button at the back of the extender about 6 seconds until the LEDs start to flash rapidly then wait for a minute for the device to be factory resetted. Install updates and reboot your extender on a weekly basis to keep it functioning at its peak performance.

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