What all do you need to know about Indian food along with some facts?

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Indian food is loved by everyone around the world. The increased demand for an Indian restaurant in Seattle is clear proof of the same. The best part is that the Indian restaurant in Kirkland has the best Indian dishes which are loved by everyone. Moreover, they are served in an authentic manner which makes the dish even better with every bite.

What all do you need to know about Indian food along with some facts?

Is Indian food spicy?

It is one of the biggest problems which people have and sometimes they hesitate to try the Indian dishes. Keep in mind, that Indian food is not spicy, and even if it is you can adjust the spiciness according to your taste. So, from mild to medium you can adjust the spices in the food. When you order the dish at an Indian restaurant just tell the person taking the order to keep the spice level minimum.


Ample number of mild dishes

Trust me! When I say this there are several dishes in Indian cuisine and many of them are extremely mild on the taste buds. One of them is korma and its gravy is made with cashews. In addition, it is served with fresh or dried chilies.

Apart from that, you can try out palak paneer, malai kofta, dal makhani, and much more. Some of them are yogurt-based. If you are confused about what to order then take help from the staff.


What are the eating habits of the Indians?

Around 40% of Indians prefer to have vegetarian food. One of the reasons being religion and sometimes it is their own personal wish on what they want to have. If you ever meet a Hindu vegetarian then he will not eat garlic, onion, eggs. In case they are not vegan they will not have butter, yogurt, and milk.


In Hindu culture, beef consumption is not allowed as it is cow meat, and killing them is considered extremely religious. Moreover, it will be difficult to find meat in India. Moreover, 20% of Indians are Muslim and this is the reason pork is not common.


People love to fast in India be it any occasion or it believed that doing so will bring good luck to their family & friends.


Uncovering the common Indian facts

  • India is known for its spices and it has a rich history about the same. In one dish around 10 spices are added which makes it taste the best.
  • People love to have rice or bread with their dishes. Moreover, the side dishes are extremely common to have. Mostly, the bread is eaten with the thicker gravy or gravy dishes.
  • Indian dishes are not about curries. There are 5 types of curries are chicken, fish, egg, vegetable, and mutton curry. Now, each of them is different in taste and preparation.
  • All the Indian dishes are prepared on the same day. The freshness is what makes them taste different and liked by everyone.
  • The spices added to the Indian food have several health benefits and many are used for medical purposes.

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