According to Market What’s New Earring Packaging Trending in 2020

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Earring boxes enhance whatever place they are displayed at. They are cute, they are delicate, yet they are strong enough to provide an adequate protective measure to the fragile and easily misplaced jewelry items. They can be made out of numerous materials of different types, but cardboard is the most preferred choice for their making. Cardboard is easily bendable and molded into any desired shape, which makes it an ideal choice for the making of jewelry packaging. They can be designed into all custom shapes and sizes depending on the decision of the consumer or the exclusive demand of the product that is supposed to be packaged into them.

Packaging first Need for Jewelry Business

Earring boxes are just the right solution for the packaging worries of all those people who have a lot of earrings and small jewelry items to retain and store. Apart from providing such small items a protective storage place, these boxes also play a significant role in keeping them well organized so that they are readily available for usage when required. They are custom designed and can be manufactured in any die-cut shape or size with excellent efficiency and precision. Jewelry manufacturers prefer to have them at their stores to eliminate any chance of misplacing their valuable ornaments.

Custom earring boxes are the handy solution to the problems of every person who wants to have a convenient storage for such small and delicate items like an earring. The packaging industry has come up with some brilliant design templates for such type of packaging, but we will be discussing some of those who have topped the charts so far in the year 2020

Travel earring organizer

Modern man’s life is on the go. Travel takes up most of the people’s lives nowadays, and that is the reason they like, admire and prefer such things that are easy to take along to places near or far. This is the reason why these travel organizers are trending in the progressing year with more and more people who prefer them.

The macaron box

When we talk about cheap earring boxes, this is one design that immediately grasps our attention. It is brilliant, it is cute, it is delicate, it is adequate and what not? They are the cutest little things on the packaging shelves at the current times, and that is the reason why this design is trending mainly among the youngsters. Little girls like to have these little cardboard macarons in neon metallic prints for the storage of their delicate jewelry items.

The little book of Earrings

When we talk about creativity with cardboard earring boxes, this packaging style aces in all aspects. It is in the shape of a book with exclusive sections and hooks for the adequate organizing and storage of a number of jewelry items. This type of box does not provide any exclusive display to the product they carry, but in terms of security, they are the best. The special cutouts that they have to hold the earrings in place, allow effective segregation and organization of a number of earrings at one place.

Mermaid Clamshell Box

This style of earring packaging boxes is ideal for gifting purposes. As the name tells about their appearance, which is like the shell of a clam. The cardboard material that is used to manufacture them is adaptable to being molded in any shape. This makes it an excellent choice for the manufacturing of the unique shape of this design of jewelry packaging. This design not only looks unique while on display at any retail shop, but also enhance the overall appearance of any vanity table or living room. They are unique and delicate, yet they are capable to provide ample protection to the precious jewels packaged inside of them from getting damaged or lost. They have exclusive earring holders or cutouts to hang the earrings onto so they do not get lose inside the packaging. This makes sure that the item packaged inside of them is adequately adjusted in the packaging and is not under the threat of getting lost or slipping out of the packaging.

The designs, as mentioned above, are the “in thing” when we talk about the trending styles of earring storage. Whether you are getting yourself an earring boxes bulk or a minimal quantity for initial setups, these are the styles to target to ace at the fame game.

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