Advice on Purchasing a Low-Cost Wedding Cake!!

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Weddings are regarded universally as the most paramount event in human life. It is celebrated on a grand scale in every country; however, the performance of rituals varies from religion to religion. Weddings bind a couple and two families in a strong relationship forever and ever. It is considered the most joyful and memorable moment in one’s life. Every action about a wedding brings a new experience in the life of both the bride and the groom. So, males or females all wait patiently to gain this most beautiful experience uniquely. They decide several things together and go to different places for dress, catering, venue, and the wedding cake. People can be selective when it comes to wedding cakes as it is the centre of attraction and that’s the most important thing of all.


Wedding cakes these days are becoming ever more extravagant. With layer upon layer of cake, fancy cake toppers, and then the decorative icing, your cake costs can easily start to mount up.

Only the other day, I was in a specialist cake making, and supplies shopped enquiring about made-to-order cakes and had my suspicions confirmed. Those suspicions were that a wedding cake started at Rs.300 – ouch! And that’s the starting price – and no, I wasn’t in London!

There are, however, ways to cut the cost of your wedding cake though, and here I highlight my top eight.

Go for sponge over fruit

Although the wedding cake is traditionally a rich fruit cake, brides often choose online cake delivery of sponge cakes instead. Generally, the sponge is easier than the fruit as you don’t have to soak the fruit or feed the cake afterwards – saving time and therefore money.

If you don’t want to go completely simple with a plain sponge cake, you can add a bit more luxury by having a different type of cake for each layer. My sister-in-law had two layers – one was a lovely moist passion cake, and the other was rich chocolate. It worked perfectly.

Decorate the cake yourself

Unless you’re a fabulous chef, I wouldn’t recommend icing your wedding cake yourself. However, you can save yourself a fortune by decorating the cake yourself. Fresh flowers or fruit always look stunning and work a treat.

Make your cake

A sure-fire way to save some cash is to make your cake. If you’re not that handy in the kitchen, perhaps ask a friend or relative to make it as a gift. They’ll feel honoured to be helping you out.

If you choose to make your wedding cake, make sure you do a practice run and keep it simple. You may also want to consider getting it iced professionally – as that’s the really hard bit! Then top it off with a cake topper and some fresh flowers.

Create a mountain

Why not choose to have a wedding cake made of fairy cakes? Pile them on top of one another to create a magical tower. Each cake is perfectly sized for each guest so deciding on portions is easy. You can then finish them off with a variety of icing flavours and colours.

You’ll need to create the little cakes a couple of days before, but if you don’t have time, why now ask your friends? Get each friend to bake a dozen, and you’ll reach the number you need in no time! They could also online order cake a different flavour icing, so you have a good mixture of cakes.

Try the supermarkets

If you want a professional-looking cake at a really low price, then head to the supermarkets. They often have a great range that is low priced. Marks and Spencer are particularly good with a specialist range of wedding cakes at supermarket prices. The designs and options are great.

Make The Cake Yourself

The first thing you should consider is making the cake yourself. If you keep the design simple, there is no reason you can’t make a cake yourself. There are lots of tutorials online that will even show you how to make your own.

Decorate The Cake Yourself

You can have a baker make the cake for you, but leave it undecorated. You can then decorate it yourself or have a friend or family member do it for you. This could save you several hundred dollars.

Order cake online with Cheap Toppers

Some cake toppers cost ridiculous prices. However, if you know where to buy or order cake online, you can get a cake topper for under Rs.20. One cheap place to look is eBay. You would be surprised by the toppers selling there for under Rs.20 or even under Rs.10.

So, these were some tips that I hope will help you find the ideal cake.

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